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    The tech world is trending with the articles that read –
    “Shopify pulls down Trump’s eCommerce store from their platform.”

    This won’t impact Trump organization a lot, but imagine what would have happened to a small or medium level Shopify store owner if the same action were taken against them.

    The imagination is scary, isn’t it?

    It’s scary because you don’t have,
    – Source code of the store
    – You don’t own the IP of your store
    – Your store is hosted with them

    In other words, you’re trapped & bounded.

    The reason it happened to Trump is that in Shopify, you DON’T own the code or server. The key of your store is ultimately in the hand of Shopify even after paying lots of money & fees to Shopify.

    The Trump organization had never faced this digital loss if their store was built on other platforms such as Magento. Because, Magento is not only open source, but it also gives the authorization of all your digital rights such as codes, IP, etc.

    For Shopify store owners, the thought from Shopify’s action should be, “If Trump (World’s most powerful person in 2020) gets banned on Shopify platform, are they really owning their store? are their stores safe?”

    The better advice is to migrate your store to Magento and be the sole owner of your eCommerce store.

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