We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

Do You Need a Magento Extension?

The eCommerce enterprises looking to extend or expedite their Magento functionalities need Magento extensions. Whether you’re looking for a specific functionality or you want to make Magento eCommerce extensions and sell multiple times, we can help you doing it right. Magento extensions are made for store-front functionalities.

We Sign NDA and You Retain IP Rights

We, at Mage Monkeys, understand the importance of your privacy. Hence, before taking up your eCommerce store into our Magento extension development team, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Here, we promise you about not disclosing anything that pertains to your business and functionalities developed.

Once we develop custom Magento extensions for you, you have all the IP rights for the same. We don’t keep anything with us- not even for references. With Mage Monkeys, all the information related to you, your business and Magento extensions integrated into your store remains private and will be only accessible to you.

You’ve Got Ideas? We’ve Got Magento Skills

Why do you want Magento extensions to be developed? From adding customized shipping rates, multi-currency, social sharing options to making a multilingual eCommerce store- we develop Magento extensions customized to any of your specific needs.

Whether you want Magento extensions for front-end or back-end, we’ve everything covered in our custom Magento development services.

We Make Prototypes for Multiple Functions

For your custom Magento extension development requirements, we make a prototype that helps you evaluate and finalize. This nullifies the need of building many different extensions and thus will save you from
spending more money and time unnecessarily.

Know How We Develop Your Magento Extensions

For your eCommerce website, we brainstorm on developing Magento extensions that are worth adding to your web store effectively and smoothly. We develop Magento extensions that help your enterprise maintain and manage the Magento store in a better way.

Our expert Magento extension developers work not just on building the extensions, but on adding value to your online business.

We Rigorously Test & QA Your Extensions

We literally don’t just stop by developing your Magento extensions, but we have an aggressive process that tests your extensions on multiple browsers, platforms, and devices.

Mage Monkeys follows a set of standards to ensure the quality of your Magento extensions is up-to-the-mark. To do that for you, we have a dedicated Quality Assurance team.

Compatibility Check is Our Final QC

Each eCommerce web store operates differently and so is the Magento extension. Compatibility check will ensure that your extensions are working as expected with the current version of your Magento store and are also compatible with the upcoming versions.

Our final Quality Control step verifies everything from start to end before initiating the final handover of the extension.

We Handover Your Magento Extensions

We will offer you a complete hands-on demo explaining the functionality of the extension before we handover it to you for your Magento eCommerce store.

We address each of your queries or concerns, even after the handover of your extensions. During the eCommerce business life cycle, you can be assured of having our Magento support services.

Choose a company that understands your product lifecycle well to build your Magento eCommerce extensions.

Magento extension is actually a set of functionalities that is integrated with your Magento store to add new functions to it based on your business needs. Just like we use plugins or add-ons, Magento extensions help your Magento store to perform some functionalities on your terms with our Magento extension development service.

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