We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

More Business in Bulk Online

With customised B2B Commerce website, you can easily sell your products in bulk, break the bulk, ship from various warehouses, taking orders, managing their accounts, payments, and credit limit easily.

Easy & Extensive Product Search

Our Magento B2B Commerce solution makes it easy for your business buyers to search any of your products using any product detail with customized filter options, at one go. Extensive search, easy ordering, store navigation, and functionalities like offline world improve the buyers’ experience of your digital commerce store which leads to improved long-term business relationships.

Customized Wholesale Pricing at its Best

Our customized eCommerce store helps you in categorizing the wholesale pricing for each of your products and discounts based on quantity, time, geography, and payments terms. It can have the facility to add multiple layers of payment in between to take care of brokers and sales personnel. Providing different payment methods to your wholesale business will ease the transaction process and thereby benefit the business.

Accurate Warehouse Integration & Order Management

Integrate your warehouses to your B2B Commerce store in order to manage your stock accurately & effectively. We can integrate / connect your commerce solution with your existing ERP or Inventory management systems. B2B business success lies getting orders and fulfilling with accurately. We make it everything simple, easy, and quick.

Smart Split Shipment Drives Excellent Customer Experience

B2B customers want everything that saves their time. Smart shipping with our B2B eCommerce website allows you to divide the large order shipment into multiple shipments. Track and manage all your shipments in a smart way that boosts the customer experience and result in receiving repeat orders and full-time loyal customers.

Request a Quote & Negotiate for Customized Orders

Whether you have custom requirements or need to meet a certain range of orders, our customized eCommerce web store will let you interact with customers, discuss the negotiations or even ask for a quote or discounts. Our digital commerce store makes it easy to manage your business online in a way easier than offline.

Customize Your Catalogues & Drive More Business

With customized catalogues, cross-selling becomes a quick job for your eCommerce store that helps you boost your sales. In B2B, restricted catalog access is one the must have feature. We make it quite simple for you to add, modify and delete the catalogues as per your buyers’ needs and buying decisions.

Scalable & Robust System Integrations

Your digital commerce store needs integrations to ensure your products are saved appropriately and in a highly secured network. We integrate your B2B eCommerce solution with the secured & reliable databases and other features that boost the digital experience of your customers.

Use The Power Of Digital Commerce
To Grow Your B2B Business

B2B Commerce is an online arrangement for business owners or retailers to come and place bulk orders for products Ideally, it has features like permission-based catalog showcase, requests a quote, live negotiation, commission to middle person, etc.

Mage Monkeys Way

Mage Monkeys offers you a fully customized and easy-to-implement B2B digital commerce store to help you switch your wholesale business online in no time.

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