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Why Your Magento Store Needs Code Audit?

No one wants to have their site crashing or leave customer data open to hackers. That’s why Magento Code Audit is very important as it has a proactive problem-solving approach. The audit analysis the overall performance of your eCommerce store, look for bugs and vulnerabilities and solve these issues before they become problem for you and your customers. If an issue has already affected your site, the code audit can help discover the source of the problem so it can be stopped and prevented from happening again.

In this post, we have discussed several cases when a Magento Code Audit is a proactive initiative worth spending.

So, we ask you:

Are there any recent customizations performed in your Magento application by the development team?

Your Magento store is in trouble if your Magento extensions are non-compliant with Magento coding standards. Such custom injections may slow down your site and also open to security vulnerabilities.

In this situation, a code audit of newly added modules serves to guard your website from possible problems. Audit checks separate pieces of custom code and covers extension compatibility further when the flaws are detected, they quickly fixed without being lost in the ever-growing code base.

Have you ever spotted a high bounce rate on your website?

There is no specific indication of where a bounce rate starts coming off as high but low-quality Magento code results in poor performance which leads to heavy queries running from the server to the database.

Talking about Magento performance optimization, we always recommend looking for the core problem instead of implementation of random optimization techniques. The Magento code audit detects performance killers and properly plan accurate remedy for it.

Are you planning Magento upgrade anytime soon? 

We timely follow Magento releases and upgrades as we know that an amateur approach with no proper planning can turn the initiative into a burden. Recently there was a case where the process of Magento migration got jammed because of bugs in code. Therefore, the code audit is an important measure that must be in place before you go for a Magento upgrade.

Moreover, the pre-upgrade code audit detects core code overrides and ensures that you won’t lose a piece of functionality later on.

Your Takeaway

Contact your third-party teams of professional Magento code audit service to check the code and see that the delivered code quality is high. At Mage Monkeys, code audit is the part of the initial steps as it helps us in providing you with more precise project estimation and also prevents issues.


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