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    Are you still using the older Magento version?

    If yes, then you may face problems with extensions and new themes certainly need you to have the latest Magento version.

    For the upgrade, you need services that thoroughly understand the sensitivity of Magento upgrade and offer professional upgrade service for Magento. A professional upgrade service would offer you improved checkout, shopping cart, speed as well as performance.

    Magento 2 is pretty simple to use giving the right platform to attract huge traffic to your site. The professional will offer Magento 1 to 2 upgrade services flawlessly. You will also get the theme transferred to the latest version. The service filters database and updates all the extensions that help your eCommerce run seamlessly and also integrate security patches required in the market to assist your E-commerce store theme and then carry out in-depth quality assurance testing before your ECommerce site goes live.

    But Why Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

    By using the older version you may risk losing your important business data within no time. Your database with customer data will vanish.

    The Latest Magento version will give you below mentioned benefits:

    • Enhanced and strong security
    • Supports current USPS shipping changes
    • Improved ACL control making cache management flexible, faster, and effective.
    • Better security with the integration of 35 added improvements to product security.
    • Improved usability
    • Copyright update
    • Improved scalability

    What are the steps involved in migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

    Migration of SEO & indexed pages

    It is an important aspect that is considered during the migration process. The Magento 2 upgrade service recreates the essential Magento 2 features.

    Migration of your store database – orders, customers, products, CMS content, and store configuration

    Migration of your store database includes data related to your orders, inventory, customers and it is taken care of on a high priority basis. At this stage migration of store configuration, orders, customers, CMS content, SEO eCommerce setup, products, is taken care of.

    All your data from Magento 1 is transferred securely to Magento 2 during the installation without any data loss. When your site is all set to go live the final data transfer is carried out so that everything remains intact when the site goes live with Magento 2.

    Store design migration

    Well, it is not possible to migrate the front-end design from your older Magneto 1 version to 2 but it is possible to rebuild it on the new version- Magento 2 or you can plan to buy a new theme.

    Transfer custom-built features & 3rd party extensions

    It is not possible to make use of an extension of Magento 1 on Magento 2. Well, migration is the right time to eliminate the clutter and delete the extensions you do not use, and keep the ones you need in your store. If you want to use a certain extension on your Magento 2 platform, get in touch with your extension company and buy the latest version of the extension compatible with Magento 2.

    What do you get from Magento 2 migration services?

    Magento 2 is a completely new platform through the migration process is a bit complicated. It needs ample time and resources to carry out the upgrade. Thus you need a professional and experienced team to do the migration.

    • Updates to Magento main database with customers, orders, products, etc.
    • The errors are resolved during the migration process itself.
    • The store theme is updated and minor errors are fixed during the process.
    • Upgrade/install any of the extensions
    • Upgrade 3rdparty extensions related to your store.

    When you upgrade your store from Magento 1 to 2 it brings in new features, security enhances, improved functionality, error fixes that lets you give your store customers a wonderful shopping experience. Of course, if you upgrade your Magento store on a regular basis it gives you a more stable platform and error-free experience to enhance the store performance.

    Quality testing is the most important part of Magento upgrade that lets developers trace errors if any so that they are no hassles after the upgrade. At this stage, a Magento 1 to 2 upgrade service will closely investigate the errors and fix them as quickly as possible. The upgrade is monitored under the supervision of expert programmers so that there are no issues left unresolved before your site goes live.

    Once the migration is completed successfully you can enjoy

    • Faster loading of your site
    • Higher conversion rates
    • Experience secure payment gateways
    • Seamless checkout process
    • Reduced shopping cart abandonment rate

    Only Magento Professionals can help you perform a successful migration. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to lose your customer database and other important business data during the migration. In order to get the store database intact after the upgrade approach a professional Magento Developers.

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