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    What if your visitors can instantly contact you for any query, inquiry, or support? Immediate replies enhance brand value and boost conversions and customer retention.

    While making specific purchases or ordering a product online, customers tend to have plenty of questions and they want an immediate response to their queries. They don’t like spending more time talking to customer support raising a request for assistance.

    To increase sales and boost the customer experience, Magento store owners can provide instant support with the help of social media tools.  WhatsApp can be used as their main contact method, as it offers easy access from the website which can help to convert visitors into customers.

    How does this work?

    When a potential buyer is visiting your site and looking for something particular and has doubt about it then he may want to clear his doubts by asking you or maybe wanting after-sale support. So, to reply to such a request becomes very important for the business. The conversion depends on how fast you reply to their query.

    You get a chance to impress your potential buyer with the WhatsApp button by showing your products and convince them to convert while having a chat.

    The example – How it will look?

    The familiar little green icon that we all know and love!

    When a visitor clicks on the icon, it will automatically launch WhatsApp and open a new conversation with the visitor and if you click on the button from a desktop browser, it will open a new browser tab and direct the visitor to the browser-based version of WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp Business offers live chat in a way people are familiar with and the benefits to businesses are:

    • Customers don’t need to download an additional app so are ready to start chatting.
    • Businesses can use the services of an authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider for faster communication.
    • Rich text messages and content like video, images, and even PDFs improve the level of customer support on offer.
    • Continue the conversation even if visitors leave your website.
    • Pick from the wide collection of bubble icons.
    • View customers’ profiles, get closer to and engage with them to increase sales.
    • Support customers anywhere, anytime, even on your mobile phone.
    • Floating bubble, embed bubble, and embed chat window can be used for chat layout.
    • Live chat is convenient for those, who want to wait for someone to respond to an email.
    • One-on-one engagement can increase sales, especially when a customer has a question that could make or break the sale.
    • A chat bubble can have a personal text. The personal touch goes a long way to building relationships with your clients.
    • It gives you an edge over your competitors who aren’t using it.
    • Live chat can help you understand your customer needs. Over time you’ll discover trends that can help you develop a better product or service.
    • Build customer loyalty with WhatsApp live chat.

    Take Away

    The user likes the chat panel. It makes communication better and faster and now that it can be connected to WhatsApp, we can ease all the pains that used to plague WhatsApp support. It is one of the most easily accessible apps that ensures customer direct helpline to the brand and streamlines the entire service experience. It has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users across the world. Magento owners should choose this platform for faster communication as customers can directly contact them.

    The success of every business depends on generating leads, and the WhatsApp chat button can increase your overall sales and reach your goal.

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