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    Magento 2 provides a shopping cart solution for medium to large-scale business requirements. It offers an attractive design and a better user experience which makes it more disparate from the preceding version. Magento 2 is fully loaded with rich features and it also offers flexibility to the users to easily manage their content, layout, and functionality of the eCommerce store.

    Rich Features of Magento 2

    • It is search friendly and responsive
    • The admin navigation is cleaner and clutter-free.
    • It provides a split database solution.
    • Its three databases (product data, checkout, and order) protect your store from unwanted bugs.
    • More than one administrator can simultaneously work on any given product data as it has data safeguards for product data.
    • The menus are very well organized which makes finding a page much easier and simple.

    Merchants can choose any version from its three versions based on their business needs.


    Magento Enterprise Edition comes as a paid version. One can choose from the various feature sets depending on the requirement of the company.


    Magento Community Edition is a fully open-source platform and it has the most active community of users.

      • 3. MAGENTO GO

    Magento go is a paid version and it is hosted on Magento’s servers.

    But, why you need Magento 2 for an eCommerce store?


    Magento 2 diminishes the load on the server and increases user interaction. It is fast and you will see cart abandonment is also reduced. The main parameters on which Magento 2 has improved are

    PHP 7

    Upgraded Performance
    Better loading
    Optimized for PHP 7

    Ajax Cart

    Add items without reloading the entire page
    Less load on the hardware
    More responsive for the shoppers


    HTTP accelerator easily cache the requests
    Edit product information without data conflicts
    More responsive for the shoppers

    Hosting Environment

    Use multiple servers
    Easy handling traffic spikes


    As compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 is more flexible and improved in terms of check out. Magento 1 has six steps (checkout method, billing details, shipping information, payment information, and last order review) checkout process whereas Magento 2 has two different pages for its two-step checkout processes; shipping, review, and payment.

    The guest checkout does not have any login or registration thus it increases the process for the customer. Magento 2 provides a powerful shipping rate that is displayed as per your geographical location. Overall, it reduces friction and boosts the conversion rate.


    Magento 2 provides enhanced indexing to increase the query performance speed.

    The enhanced toolkit and improved widgets of Magento 2 help you set up your eCommerce store.

    • Effective backend operation
    • Web page optimization for faster delivery
    • Better response time for all website activities
    • Improved database flexibility to handle peak loads
    • Performance widgets that create test scripts for your store


    Magento 2 lets you easily integrate and manage data. It also provides third-party extensions, and Web and cloud services. It is strongly compatible with PHP frameworks such as Zend and others. It works best with major databases like Oracle, MySQL, and Hadoop. Its default JavaScript library is jQuery library due to which it becomes easy for developers to work with Magento 2.


    Being an open-source platform, it has rich templates, extensions, modules, and widgets to build a unique eCommerce store. It has many dynamic and powerful tools such as the Catalog Management tool and Marketing tool. It supports any device and also offers cross-browser support as well.

    So, these are some of the reasons why Magento 2 is going to stay in 2019 and make your online store stand different from the others. It provides a safe platform to build your business and boost your conversion rate. Though Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is requires detailed planning. One has to hire an eCommerce developer for easy and smooth migration.

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