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    After the latest updates from Magento ending its support for Magento 1 after June 2020, there has been a lot of turnarounds. For the store owners, merchants, what will be the consequences if they do not upgrade Magento? Well, it is a matter of the fact that security & functionalities always need to be updated to safeguard sensitive data of the users.

    But before there is second thought on upgrading Magento,

    What’s there in December month?

    According to one research, the eight busiest days for in-store foot traffic this year will be:

    December 21, the last Saturday before Christmas
    December 26, the day after Christmas
    December 14, two Saturdays before Christmas
    December 22, the last Sunday before Christmas
    December 23, the Monday before Christmas
    December 28, the Saturday after Christmas
    December 27, the Friday after Christmas
    December 7, the first Saturday in December

    These are the days when the eCommerce sales market will go on hype.

    But what will happen after these dates?

    The short answer is – “The sales graph will go down.”

    It’s undeniable. Right?

    Then, why should you start to upgrade your Magento store in December?

    Magento upgradation is not a one-two days task. It takes a minimum of a month. So if you’ll opt upgradation process in December, then your tech team can deliver you upgraded Magento store by January.

    January is the time when sales go down. But, if your Magento store is upgraded at the latest version by January, then your store can leverage the advantages of Magento 2.3 which are,

    1. PWA features
    2. Improved speed and scalability
    3. Enhanced checkout system
    4. Page Builder
    5. Search engine friendly
    6. Upgraded add-to-cart
    7. Better security
    8. Multi-Source Inventory (MSI)
    9. Database segmentation

    It’s been noted repeatedly that after the migration, Magento store’s sales go high. As per a survey, it’s been recorded that to newer version provides you an ability to speed up the process of checkout by 38%, which is quite good.

    Why should you plan a month early? 

    – Magento offers a long list of features & functionalities, but if you take time and decide features you require that provide you much time to think, plan & implement them.

    – You know very well that your eCommerce store will have thousands of media files about products, features, etc. You will need time to manually change or upgrade to a newer version keeping the data intact.

    – Each and every version of Magento has a different database structure & architecture. Here, you will need adequate time to upgrade to a newer version taking care of the database, file structures, media files, etc.

    – When you get space to work upon your eCommerce store, it allows removing all unwanted files or redundant files from the existing database of your store. This will help you to free up space and help to manage data very well.

    – It is often experienced by Magento developers that not every extension & functionality can be upgraded at a time very easily. Some of them might not be compatible with a newer version; in that case, you need to recreate those extensions & class files.

    Big Question: Won’t it affect our December sales if the site will be passed through technical migration?

    No, your tech partner needs to sure that they run migration procedures offline and live your site with 0% downtime. By adopting this methodology, your migration will get live post-December, and it won’t affect your live tech or sales operations.


    The best advice is to start planning, looking for relevant features, and implement them as early as possible before the December month ends. It will help you to manage your sales and your site will be technically healthy in 2020.

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