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    In 2016, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition was launched. Before the edition retailers had to use their own hosting via a hosting partner or their own servers. We all know the Entеrрrіѕе Cloud Edіtіоn by the name of Mаgеntо Cоmmеrсе Clоud.

    AWS Cloud Infrastructure

    Magento Enterprise Edition is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure layer containing global availability and scalability for 24×7 support. Magento Commerce Cloud is a completely managed and automated hosting platform for Magento Enterprise Edition. It has tools for rapid deployment, advanced lifecycle management, constant integration, and environment and performance management.

    A combined git repository tree makes the code merging and deployment process easy as it reduces the hassle which is involved in hosting sites for a number of countries and increases the speed of production deployment.

    Better content delivery and optimization with ‘Fastly’

    Your store performance gets better with cloud infrastructure. You can use Fastly for image optimization as it delivers high-quality images which you will require for your customers to browse and purchase products from edge servers in the Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is fast and provides secured content delivery. If your Web Application Firewall is powered by “Fastly” then it will stop malevolent traffic from entering the site. Your store is secured with Magento Commerce Cloud.

    Scale on demand

    To keep pace with demand, Magento Commerce Cloud will take care of scaling your online store and it will also keep on customizing and optimizing to keep up with the bigger competitors. Magento Enterprise customers have been greatly benefited from its results.

    If you don’t have time to build your own cloud infrastructure then we strongly suggest you go for Magento Commerce Cloud. Even if you are not willing to outsource cloud infrastructure management then also Magento Commerce Cloud is right for you. If you only focus on a single region and your site has relatively stable traffic then you should consider Magento Commerce Cloud as Conventional hosting might cost you a bit.


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