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    When you decide to start your own eCommerce store first thing you need to consider is which edition will suit your business: Open Source, Commerce, or Commerce Cloud.

    Each edition provides a specific set of features. And before you select one, you should know your requirements. Let’s just understand these three editions so that it becomes easier for you to pick one for your Magento Store.

    1. Mаgеntо 2 Oреn Sоurсе Edіtіоn

    Magento 2 Open Source Edition is available for everyone to download and install for free of cost. Admin can make configuration changes in the software so that they can meet their specific requirements. If merchants want some particular advanced functionality then they can extend the basic features of Magento 2 Open Source Edition by simply installing third-party modules or custom modules that will meet your business needs. Magento does not provide any support for this edition. You can start the business with the basic features and with minimum expenses.

    Magento 2 Open Source Edition works best for:

    • For Developing Businesses
    • Startups
    • Small Stores

    2. Mаgеntо 2 Cоmmеrсе Edіtіоn

    Magento 2 Commerce Edition is also famous by the name of Magento 2 Enterprise. It gives users rich out-of-the-box features which have an unlimited ability to customize. It also comes with third-party integrations and 24/7 email support. It has features like product wishlist, flash sale, gift options, targeted promotions, rewards points, present related products for cross-selling, up-sell, Google tag manager, additional payment gateways, add a product by SKU, SDK to create custom mobile shopping apps, etc.

    With Magento 2 Commerce Edition you can also do corporate account management and customer support, company credit management, customized catalogs, returns management, and price lists. It has tools for fast ordering and processing online requests for quotes. Community Edition has a much more powerful search capability as compared to standard search.

    Further, Magento 2 Commerce Edition has one more amazing feature- Content Staging. This feature allows you to create, preview and schedule a wide range of content updates directly from the Admin Panel of your store. You can also create a dynamic page that will change automatically on scheduled dates throughout the year.

    Magento 2 Commerce Edition works best for:

    • B2B еntеrрrіѕеѕ and ѕtоrеѕ with high сuѕtоmеr trаffіс,
    • It takes care of large рrоduсt саtаlоgѕ,
    • For the company has Wіdе global рrеѕеnсе,
    • It can handle high buѕіnеѕѕ соmрlеxіtу.

    3. Mаgеntо 2 Cоmmеrсе Clоud Edіtіоn

    Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Edition is known by the name of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. It is an automated hosting platform that is particularly created for could solutions. It includes all the Magento 2 commerce features and also adds enhanced cloud infrastructure hosting that has Git integration and the key environment for development, live production, and staging. With this edition, merchants can code, test and deploy across the integration. Production environment and staging to make sure that performance is smooth of their store. This edition is a bit expensive than the self-hosted enterprise edition as it offers a powerful admin experience and flexibility to handle any kind of complex task.

    Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Edition works best for:

    • Large companies with complex requirements.

    Bottom Line:

    It is very important that you pay attention to your business volume, costs, and relevancy of customer support as these are the key factors when you decide on a Magento 2 edition.

    As a certified Magento expert, for small online stores, we suggest Magento 2 Community Edition as a good choice. In this edition, you can add features gradually. Magento 2 Commerce Edition should be your choice if you want to have a feature-rich store that can handle a large product catalog and massive customer traffic. If you want an integrated solution that includes hosting then we will advise you to pick Magento 2 Commerce Cloud.

    No matter which edition you choose for your business Magento 2 will give you the flexibility that you will love.

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