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    Magento stands first when we talk about a powerful eCommerce platform. Our life revolves around smartphones and mobile apps. We all use mobile apps to search for any products and/or services. Mobile apps give you the complete detail of a product or service like its advantages and various uses.

    Virtual reality e-commerce

    Today the virtual reality to showcase products is in demand. VR lets you explore the showroom visually and you can get a real-life like experience of products.

    Chat and shop

    Artificial Intelligence is increasing day by day to give a superior shopping experience for potential customers. Chatbots are available anytime and are extremely user-friendly. This is very handy for customers as they can get relevant information and guidance while shopping. Artificial Intelligence drives current mobile app features including personalized experience, recommendation engines as well as behavioral targeting. Chatbots are an AI tool that carries out human-like chats with potential customers. The benefit of using them is lower operating expenses as well as improved productivity.

    Mobile Digital Assistants

    Mobile Digital Assistants significantly bring down the time consumed by users in browsing, shipping as well as payment steps.

    Wearables and IoT

    Wearables give stand-alone functionality but at the same time need mobile app services such as calling. Using Wearables and IoT can inspect the product and test it for efficiency as well as effectiveness.

    Voice Search

    Users can verbally communicate with the app instead of typing out lengthy keywords. You can talk and simultaneously do other activities such as driving, walking, and more.

    Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality lets you create an engaging shopping experience for users. Users can modify and customize selections. AR provides visual comprehend the functionality of any product. The return of products is reduced as users are able to have a 3D experience of selecting the virtual products by augmenting the real products.

    Mobile Wallet Usage

    Mobile wallets are used by everyone today. All thanks to the watertight security offered customers are beginning to trust as well as use this payment option. We all use mobile wallets to make payments for products and/or services. The security and ease of use will only increase in the future making online payment a breeze as well as extremely secure.

    Leveraging cloud technology

    The device which you use cannot store all of the elements of the Magento mobile app. Hence cloud computing comes to the rescue as it makes the app occupy minimum space, save money, deliver faster performance as well as be highly secure and resistant to cyber-attacks or damage to the device.

    mCommerce trends are getting changed day by day. Consult with an experienced Magento Mobile App development company to leverage mobile app benefits.


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