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    From a business point of view, redesigning your digital store is often ignored.
    There are numerous reasons to redesign your Magento store, some more compelling than others.

    In this article, we are going to talk about signals which tell you that your store needs a redesigning.

    1. When your sales are down:

    Sales don’t rely solely on marketing. Your store’s design also plays an important role in sales. If your sales is down, you should consider doing some UI/UX changes from experts.

    2. When your site is slow:

    If your site’s code/image/media/theme is heavy in size then it will result in a slow site. Optimize your site or choose a new light-weighted theme to overcome this problem.
    The solution to this problem will also help you to reduce the bounce rate.

    3. When your store’s design is outdated:

    If your eCommerce store’s design is 2-3 years old, then you’re missing the latest trends from the web/mobile designing industry. Keeping your site updated with the latest trends will always help your ebusiness to grow.

    4. When you’re losing mobile visitors or bounce rate is higher from mobile users:

    Mobile users play an important role as desktop users. This fact is avoided by many businesses. Always check data from your analytics tools and if you don’t find mobile user’s stats impressive then consider hiring a responsive designer who can help your site to perform better with responsiveness. Even Google prioritize mobile-friendly sites.

    5. When your competitors have better designs:

    According to one research, a user will compare multiple sites before buying a product & ends the purchase journey from buying the best. If your competitors have better store design & theme, then it will give a good feel to the shopper and that plays an important role to complete a buyer’s journey. Thus, get an edge over your competitors and make your store designing better than the best.

    Redesigning an eCommerce store will not only give a flawless & faster user experience to your web visitors but also helps you achieve sales growth. Consult with our designing expert to achieve your desired sales growth today.


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