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    As we all know that extensions are used by websites or online stores to add in a new feature or functionality. The functionality can be in the form of any needed customization, to improve sales, enhance product searches, etc. So, it is important for you to identify whether you need to have a new feature added to your current online store or not. In case you are not making sales as expected or you need to improve user experience, then you will need an extension for the job. Sometimes you will need to come up with extensions that are tailored to your business needs and this is the time you invest in a new extension development for your eCommerce store.

    So, there may come some situations when you will feel the need to develop Magento extension and some have been explained below. It means, if you too encounter any one of these situations, it is time you think about investing in a new extension for your store and get it developed by an expert Magento development company.

    To add in new functionalities to the store

    Extensions are the best way for a website to add new functionalities. Right from improving the workflow of operations to enhancing overall performance, Magento extensions can do much for the site. These extensions add features to the store that works in favor of the users. Some of such extensions that you can add to the store will help the users with tasks like searching for products, comparing them, sorting them, simplifying checkout, and much more. If you feel you are missing out on something you can choose to go for our consultation service. Our team will first look into your store to identify the benefit of having such functionality in there. Based on that will suggest you an extension that can add value to your business and get it customized to meet your needs.

    Improve the efficiency of your website backend

    Apart from helping eCommerce stores deliver better UX, extensions can be used to improve the efficiency of the backend. The use of extensions is highly recommended for backends of online stores as it makes it easier for the admins to manage different aspects of the store easily. A good number of extensions are now available in the market which can be used to handle various backend tasks like managing inventory, customer, reviews, sales, analytics, and much more. This way the store owners have to take less stress and concentrate more on business. If you don’t have one and feel that such an extension can reduce your load, it is time you think in that direction. Our Magento developers will go through your store and list out all the needed extensions that will give your store backend a boost. We will provide all the needed customizations to ensure it works well for your store.

    Easily manage and track delivery

    In case your business is growing and the number of orders is increasing, you will need an effective system in place to manage the orders and their deliveries. This is crucial for any business as delays in the delivery of products will bring in a bad reputation for the business. Businesses have to keep track of the products and let the customers know about the same. Now it can be overwhelming! Here our developers will suggest extensions that can help your business to take care of such tasks quickly without having to take the trouble of handling them manually. Our years of experience in this field help us to recommend the right extensions, customize them completely and turn your whole delivery management into an easy task.

    Multi-store handling

    Multi-store is no more a new concept these days. Businesses with different products or market niches now handle their multiple storefronts using a single backend. Now, this is not as simple as said! So, if yours is a similar business you will need an extension that can simplify your life. Here at Mage Monkeys, we have seen such kinds of online businesses in the past and have a clear understanding of what kind of extension you will need to run everything smoothly. Based on your business needs we will design and develop a Magento extension that takes care of your business requirement.

    Enhanced user experience

    For any online store, offering an excellent user experience is very important. A website that is user-friendly will only be frequently visited by the customers. So, in case your online store fails to be user-friendly, it is time you invest in Magento extensions that can help you with the task. When we speak of user experience two main things come to our mind. They are – the deliverance of ease of shopping and security of customer data. Both of these elements will let the users easily shop at your store as they will have peace of mind regarding all their transactions and data being safe at your site. If the user experience delivered by the store is not up to the mark, then users will no longer visit it. This means a loss of traffic and revenue. In such a scenario, we will look into factors that are diminishing user experience and will suggest extensions that can be build to resolve the problem.

    Manage inventory effectively

    For any eCommerce business managing its inventory is the greatest challenge. It is important to maintain a perfect balance as low inventory can lead to an out-of-stock situation while the excess of it can lead to your money getting blocked unnecessarily. Taking care of these things manually may be hectic and cumbersome and with the right use of Magento extensions, this can be resolved. Our developers understand this pain point of your business and so we offer to make a Magento extension that is personalized and deals with the specific inventory management issues of your business.

    Third-party apps for mobile are somewhat similar to what extension means for a store. Extensions enhance the capability of an eCommerce store. Generally, many extensions will be available on the official marketplace, but they’re developed with market needs. It’s natural that you may have some different needs and extensions for the same may not be available on the marketplace. This is the time when a certified agency like Mage Monkeys comes into the picture where we help you with Magento extension development as per your business needs.

    Extensions developed by us are:

    – Easy to integrate

    – Easy to install

    – Light-weighted in code size

    – Compatible with all versions of your eCommerce store

    – Safe and secure

    In short, Magento development company like Mage Monkeys has the immense experience in building fully-customized Magento extensions for business clients to satisfy the changing needs of their customers.

    If you also wish to develop a Magento extension for your business then talk to our team and have a detailed discussion!


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