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    Its official, Magento 2.4 to be released in the next couple of months in 2020. But this time it’s bigger and advanced.

    Magento has always been the talk of the town concerning its robustness, security, reliability, scalability, and capability to provide amazing features for both B2C & B2B businesses. And why would it be not so popular when it holds a prestigious place in the global market.

    If we look around Magento over the years, it has emerged to be one of the most promising hand-held solutions for businesses for several reasons.

    It was May 21, 2018, when Adobe acquired the Magento and from there it has gained momentum regularly releasing updates for security and quality to give utmost benefits for the whole Magento Community along with the Magento Commerce edition.

    There has been a lot of discussion and excitement when all the people and developers within Magento Community were rattled with the most awaited news of the updated release of Magento 2 to Magento 2.4 in the next couple of months.

    The Big News is here!!!

    We are well-versed with the fact that Magento regularly releases updates every quarter bringing in new features emphasized more on enhancing performance and security patches.

    The recent news of Magento 2.4 update about to be released soon will also have a lot of new features and improvements.

    The real thing was now when Magento’s engineer team worked in-depth consistently for a couple of months to focus on improving the performance of Magento and the interesting functionalities of GraphQL.

    Magento R & D team hinted along with the upcoming release of Magento 2.4 that developers will experience better GraphQL performance this time around along with a new concept of storefront API to be a show stopper for all. This particular update will have a lot of new features, improvement in performance, core components upgrade, product stability, etc.

    Magento Community has always been power-packed with dedicated contributors and high-performing that leads to consistent improvement as a popular open-source platform.

    This strengthened community support; we will be able to experience the improved core features, front-end framework, and a lot of tireless efforts to eliminate 100+ bugs right away.

    Remember, this time community has worked so hard that the subsequent announcement of additional features is yet to be revealed that may surprise us all to the next level.

    It is interesting to see Magento invite contributors to join the community project while they open new code repositories on GitHub about Magento 2.4 soon. This will be a platform where every individual contributor will be able to share their contribution with other Magento community members.

    There also have been planning by the Magento team to stop all the contribution-level work for their existing GitHub repository.

    As per the announcement of the new upgraded version Magento 2.4, other additional improvements are to be expected in the following directions:

    • Improvements in the functionality of GraphQL
    • Expected to include “shiny new API” together with tons of awesome new features, product stability, component upgrades, store performance, etc.
    • Better Progressive Web App technology for B2B and B2C types
    • Provide Full coverage to the admins in Magento Open Source, Commerce Edition, and Cloud-Based technology
    • Expected to introduce a new concept of the Storefront API
    • Better functionality for Admin UX
    • Improvements in the frontend framework
    • Improvements in Asynchronous Import functionality
    • Improvements in Magento 2 Commerce Cloud deployment process
    • Improvements in Page Builder and other extensions
    • Latest upgrades and updates in security patches
    • Hundreds of Bug fixes and tests

    This short but particular update from Magento has engraved enthusiasm into the minds of every beloved community member of Magento waiting to explore all the new features as early as possible

    By now, we assure you that your excitement would be at a peak, therefore, stay tuned for more detailed news of updates along with every bulletin of Magento 2.4 release. In case, if you want to upgrade your Magento store, contact certified upgrade experts to get the task done.


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