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    Have you ever been hacked? If your business has an online presence, its time you take preventive measures against information theft or hacks! Well, in the era where technology is advancing, information and online transactions are evolving at a rapid speed, criminal use of the internet is an unavoidable part. But with accurate cyber-security control tools for modern web applications, you can always keep your online store safe and secure.

    WAF is probably one of the best preventive security controls for all the Magento stores out there. By controlling any type of input/ output, access from, to, or by any application or service, it safeguards your data from any sort of theft or loss. It simply operates by monitoring as well as blocking suspicious requests before they get to your online business.

    E-commerce applications, as well as Magento stores, are the treasure house of information for hackers. They have undesirable and unauthorized access to personal data including credit card numbers, physical addresses, or phone numbers and much more. In today’s digital era almost all industry including the private sector, banks, and healthcare have more sensitive information which makes online stores more vulnerable to hacking.

    Unique ways of stealing information have led to the development of security measures commonly known as a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Website security is very popular right now and it’s time online store owners embrace this security tool to keep their website safe and secure.

    So, what is WAF and how does it help?

    WAF is a software application or a hardware device which takes care of traffic flowing across the networks. It examines the data it receives and accordingly makes decisions about whether to let it continue its journey or not.

    Networks can be divided into layers where each supports the layer above it. One such model is the OSI model which split the network into different layers such as presentation, session, transport, network, data link, physical, and application layers.

    Next is IPtables, a firewall which works at the network layer and is found mainly on Linus web hosting servers. This tool helps block inbound and outbound data for all the ports and IP addresses according to the rules supplied by the user. But remember it does not match for attacks against the application layer and also against Magento itself.

    There are different types of attacks like cross-site scripting, injection attacks, and hacks to exploit vulnerabilities in the application, HTTP hacks, an application layer protocol hacks, etc. For IP Tables firewall all these attacks are genuine requests to the application.

    Web Application Firewalls

    Web Application Firewalls is the 7th layer also known as the application layer. Its main task is to monitor HTTP requests for different patterns which might match with known attacks. If a hacker generates a request while hacking, WAF might create an SQL injection in prior to stop the theft.

    WAF can be updated often in real time to block emerging threats against the application layer and it is the major benefit of WAFs. It will also check all the outgoing data for any kind of suspicious patterns like credit card details being sent to an attacker. Likewise, your Magento store can be protected by using WAF from vulnerabilities which cannot be patched.

    Magento websites can be integrated with a number of web application firewalls as per the requirement. Using an open source tool ModSecurity, one can check application security, HTTP traffic logging, and web application hardening seamlessly. Sucuri – A cloud-based WAF integrator extension lets you protect the Magento store from multiple attacks.


    The field of Web application firewalls goes through enormous advances on an everyday basis. And in this cut-throat competition, when every business works to live by the edge, if a robust tool secures your online store, you are in danger!

    Designed to provide high-level of protection, modern firewalls filter both known and unknown threats while reducing false alerts by adding an extra layer of security to your website. So, what are you waiting for? The technology is here, and hackers are certainly going to attack, so take the preventive measures before-hand. Get one of the best security tools for your website today!

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