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    A recent study showed that users spend 39 percent more time on mobile than on desktop but when it comes to buying they abandon mobile carts by 86 percent as compare to the desktop. So, for this reason, Magento, PayPal, Hi Conversion, and many others have come together with Magneto Community to fill the gap between the time customer spend on eCommerce devices vs. sales rendered on mobile devices. This will give a multi-disciplinary approach.
    You can immediately improve your conversion rate in 2019 by using the below-mentioned 6 digital transformation tactics.


    It is a must for any digital company to set the data tone for how an organization can use that data. Your competitor always tries to collect your data and if there is no data layer or tag management system then it might be very hard for you to see how data is arranged in a layer. So make sure you place your data properly to get the maximum impact in 2019.


    Your business is always evaluated on basis of numbers and to get the best result we have come up with three metrics that works as a key performance indicator for eCommerce merchants:

    • AOV (Average Order Value) = Total sales / # of sales
    • CR (Conversion Rate) = # of sessions resulting in a sale / # of visits
    • RPV (Revenue Per Visit) = total sales / total visits

    The RPV is the best indicator out of three as the composition is a function of both the CR and the AOV. You need to measure these three metrics by all channels like desktop, mobile, and tablet.

    These metrics are free for Magento merchants who are interested in joining the mobile Optimization Initiative


    Your team should pay attention to learn about how your customer base is engaging with your site and to find innovative ways to improve customer experience on each channel. Conduct various tests to get insights quickly and then you can implement your learning into enterprise-grade testing solutions. The bigger solutions demand a team of business and technical analysts. You may find it difficult to measure because it can be complex to isolate control groups and gain statistically significant population samples given operational requirements, promotional deadlines, and inventory constraints.


    Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to test but the good thing about testing is that you can test anything and gather significant insights. Innovative companies have APIs and integrations with Magento and the pre-fabricated widgets can take advantage of micro-services. The test allows you to examine two things

    a) Test the experience
    b) Set the benchmarks of the testing results by comparing them to the other Magento merchants

    There are nearly sixty pre-established tests that you can use to result quickly.


    There are platforms available that use predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to conduct the testing. Commonly this type of testing needs large control groups and sample size populations. If the consolidated data is available when you get accurate results. This method will benefit smaller merchants to get the insights faster.

    Hence, these are the five digital transformation tactics suggested by Mage Monkeys that can help you improve your mobile conversion in 2019.

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