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    Adobe acquired Magento has launched his latest Magento 2.4.3 release which is talk of the eCommerce town. The update has launched 400+ fixes that include many major features which will help the Magento store to increase performance, security & sales.

    Below are the features available in the upgraded version.

    1) Performance enhancements:

    This release includes enhancements that decrease indexation time for Product Price and Catalog Rule indexers. Merchants can now exclude a website from a customer group or shared catalog, which reduces the number of records for indexing and improves indexing times. Web Speed improvement in a nutshell.

    2) Cart, checkout & catalog:

    Cart and checkout pages are the most sensitive pages for any eCommerce page. The new version has upgraded those pages in such a way that it smoother the buyer’s journey which helps you to increase the sales. Apart from it, mass updates have been launched in the catalog section which smoothens admin operations.

    3) Infrastructure Improvement:

    The release contains enhancement that improves below functional areas of your store such as customer account, catalog, CMS, OMS, Import/Export, Promotions, and Targeting, Cart and Checkout, B2B, Staging and Preview & many more.

    4) Fixed issues & Security enhancement:

    There are numerous issues that are fixed from installation, upgrade, and deployment levels. It gives a flawless experience to your Magento store. Apart from this, Magento 2.4.3 has launched more than 30+ security changes that give a shield to your store against hackers and malware.

    5) Cache & Captcha:

    Captcha features have been upgraded as per the latest trends and guidelines. CAPTCHA now correctly validates data provided by a shopper. The cache file has been updated to bypass caching of the customer page.

    Apart from the above five, there are other 370+ functionality level fixes and 30+ security changes which shouldn’t be a miss for any Magento eCommerce merchant. If you haven’t upgrade your store to the 2.4.3 version yet, then it’s the right time to upgrade it to the latest version.


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