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    SMS marketing for eCommerce is an effective way to attract, engage, and retain customers. The study found that text messages have 98% open rates and 90% are read within 3 minutes. This means mobile advertisements will work if your text messages make it to the consumer’s inbox with the right content at the right time.

    But, most eCommerce businesses are not completely aware of the full benefits of SMS marketing. So, in today’s article, we are covering everything you need to know about SMS marketing for eCommerce.

    Why SMS Marketing?

    There are several marketing solutions available, but why is SMS marketing ideal for eCommerce stores?

    • It’s trackable. You can easily track who opened your message, what links they clicked, and who ignored the message.
    • Customized SMS marketing campaigns can build a strong relationship with customers.
    • SMS is not dependent on any device or mobile data or WiFi. Your marketing messages can be easily viewed by all your customers.
    • As per the recent survey, nearly 70% of customers feel SMS is an attention grabber. It is opened more frequently than the average Email.
    • It’s very much simple & easy. You don’t need to be a master in any tools or language to use it. You don’t need to employ extra staff to do so.

    Text messaging is the ideal communication medium for consumers between 18-44 years old.

    Advantages of SMS Marketing


    SMS marketing is affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Just spending a few pence per message can get you to your targeted audience. It is cheaper than printed adverts or digital marketing solutions. It’s not only cost-effective but also offers good ROI.

    Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates:

    Text messages could be an effective tool for your business to address shopping cart abandonment rates. It completes the sales cycle when a user has left from the payment page and you text them a link to the payment page. You can send uniquely-generated coupon codes, friendly reminders, and follow-ups. With SMS marketing, you have the power to reach your customers exactly when it matters most.

    High Engagement Rate:

    SMS marketing is a great opportunity for customer engagement. With over 90% of messages read within 3 minutes of being received that is much better than the 3-7% open rates of the email, you could see results immediately. You only have to decide what your message is and start a campaign. You will see hundreds of clicks in an hour.

    Improve Customer Service

    Text messages are received instantly and read almost immediately. You can start SMS campaigns for offers and discounts.

    Fast Delivery: 

    You can send your SMS to millions of customers in a single click. This will help you effortlessly publicize your business venture or new product announcement. With other marketing activities, this kind of advertising requires little prep time, but not with sms marketing.

    There is no need to have a designer or people to contact. You just have to come up with your messages and simply press the send button and you can be certain that your customers will receive your message straight away.

    Benefits of Personalized SMS marketing

    Sending a personalized text message is one of the recent eCommerce marketing trends. According to, 80% of customers choose to buy products from a brand that offers a personalized experience. Addressing customers by name can help you quickly win them over and boost engagement.

    Make your customers feel special by sending a personalized message.

    Key Benefits of Personalized SMS marketing

    • Create Trust: Personalized messages will give a feeling of human, non-computer communication. It overcomes the virtual barrier with customers and extends the trust needed to close a transaction.
    • Adds more value: Personalized SMS provides subscribers with the relevant information and it is one of the important aspects of a successful SMS campaign.
    • Significant results:  Customized SMS has an open rate of 98% which means it increases customer engagement & loyalty.

    Types of SMS Marketing

    SMS marketing can be anything from informing your customer about an upcoming sale or just advertising your business. Some of the most common types of SMS marketing are:

    1. Promotional deals
    2. SMS coupons
    3. Text-to-win competitions
    4. Flash sales
    5. Site entry pop-up
    6. Offline Ideas
    7. Loyalty programs
    8. Alerts & notifications

    How to Grow your SMS List?

    You need to use the right strategies to grow your SMS list. A sizable list can give you numerous benefits to your text marketing.

    Here are three proven tips you can put into practice today to increase your signups.


    Your website home page should have sign ups to your text messages. Prompt your users to enter their contact number tell them the benefits of joining your SMS marketing campaign. Add popup software to display your web form or text to join the keyword. Some of the incentives that you can offer in your popup are

    • Enter Our Text to Win Contest
    • Download A Guide
    • Experience a Live Demo via SMS
    • Get a Coupon

    Email Marketing

    You can always use Email to grow your SMS list and make the most of both campaigns. While sending a monthly newsletter, make sure to include information about your text program. People love exclusive discounts and promotions and offering them such discounts and will urge them to take action. People who have already trusted you with their emails will opt for your SMS mobile marketing campaign. This is to boost conversions.

    Social Media 

    Today, almost everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You already have a base of followers interested in your product or service. That means you can surely interact with the people who would want to hear from you. Create innovative and engaging content for your social media channels and also ensure auto-reply asking them to complete their subscription with a double opt-in SMS.

    Take Away

    As you have seen, SMS marketing campaigns can help connect directly to your customers. It is scalable, easy and can have a powerful impact. Remember to keep your SMS authentic, practical, and appealing. Texting is the perfect medium for the next generation of direct-to-consumer text marketing.

    Now, it’s time for you to launch your SMS campaign and grow your contact list.

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