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    Progressive web apps have turned out to be the right solution for businesses who want to easily reach their website and mobile app audience at the same time. PWAs are said to have the look and feel of native apps. Many companies are already working on utilizing its capabilities.


    PWAs offer certain benefits to businesses and they are:


    1. Low development costs
    • You don’t have to come up with different versions of PWA for different devices.
    • On whatever device PWA operates it will meet the requirements of its endpoints well. This way the amount of effort required by developers to develop PWA gets reduced drastically.
    • As compared to native apps, the cost to develop a PWA is three or four times lower.


    1. They are lightweight and fast
    • You can either access them through a browser or have them added to your app library on your phone. In either case, you can access it with a single tap.
    • PWAs require less storage space and so they are much faster to install and load as compared to any native app.


    1. Sends push notifications
    • PWAs also make use of the push-notification feature of devices just like native apps.
    • PWAs are allowed to send notifications by users and such notifications are easily visible on mobile devices.


    1. Easier to install
    • PWAs can be installed on any device directly from the web browser.
    • Businesses will be able to improve user experience and reduce abandonment rates significantly by installing PWAs.
    • The installed PWA will be available on the home screen of the mobile device or desktop and can be accessed from there.
    • It is not mandatory to install the app on any device as the PWA can be accessed via URL too. Users find PWAs reliable, flexible, and credible because of the ease it offers in terms of accessing them.


    1. Behaves like a native app
    • PWA design is similar to that of native apps.
    • PWAs are more or less similar in terms of speed, user experience, comprehensive capabilities, and responsiveness.


    1. No need for app store submission
    • You can easily find a PWA through social media as well as other platforms.
    • You don’t have to launch your PWA on app stores. This way businesses are saved from the hectic process of app submission.


    1. Better security
    • To maintain and manage the safety of the stored data, reduce chances of security breaches, snooping, content tampering, and other issues, PWAs make use of HTTPS.


    1. Seamless and silent updates
    • New updates can be automatically pushed by businesses without having to get any approvals.
    • Such updates will be visible to the users when they relaunch the app. This means the user does not have to download and install the changes in batches.


    1. High performance

    For any website or app solution, response time is crucial when it comes to achieving conversion rates through improved user engagement. PWA caches information and so responds quickly by saving all the elements present within the template layout. This drastically reduces page load time while improving the speed of downloads.


    Right from helping businesses with enhanced user engagement, improving user experience, and boosting sales, PWAs can help businesses positively. For users, it simplifies their access to a business and its information. Team Mage Monkeys can help you design and develop PWAs that exactly work in favor of your business. So, if you wish to invest in PWA development for your business, talk to our team to know more.



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