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    We have been looking at the transformation of online shopping experiences among buyers. Today, the priority is given to explicit user experience. It’s not just about selling a particular product but bringing overall vibrancy to the customer shopping experience. There are a lot of players today in the eCommerce domain to compete with cautiously. In this race, being a start-up or an established business the key aspect is engagement, experience, and ethics. When you have these 3Es it certainly wins you more customers at a much faster rate.

    Perhaps, if you are planning to use the Magento platform to develop an eCommerce store or upgrade features of your current store, it is vital to have thought-provoking strategies for better user experiences.

    You will need innovative technology that can enhance the shopping user experience and simplify checkout processes. Artificial Intelligence exactly does the same by rapidly making its way towards the eCommerce ecosystem. Just imagine the duo of strong eCommerce platforms like Magento getting hardcore technology to uproot by Artificial Intelligence can go hand-in-hand wonders. AI helps businesses to identify the exact consumer behavior, persona thereby extending the level of qualitative service matching the expectations.

    Let us look at some of the possible areas where AI will leave a long-lasting impact on redefining the future endeavor of Magento eCommerce.

    Constructive Personalized Business ecosystem

    In a competitive era, selling your products to customers with personalized interactions is the key to retaining them. It is very important to analyze their custom choices as well as expectations from you and provide them with exactly that. When you work along with AI technology it enhances your campaigns designed exclusively customer-centric which helps you to target at the right time a specific audience with diversified channels for outreach.

    These campaigns can be given the personalized touch with push notifications and pop-ups that can leverage your sales. When these growth hacks are used along with Magento 2 features like cross-selling, up-selling options, personalized suggestions, and loyalty programs it is a matter of fact that AI is enormously banging with huge opportunities in near future.

    Contextual Search is easy now

    When a buyer comes to your eCommerce store, the first action is searching for the relevant product through Product Search functionality which is vital and that’s where the customer journey begins. It is also seen during this course of time that keywords play an important role to search for a product within the listing. It is interesting to know that today voice-based search has become more interactive and contextual for every visitor.

    With the help of AI technology, product search through voice has simplified than ever imagined to be. This is because the search module works upon Natural Language Process (NLP) rather than depending upon specific keywords pertaining to buyers who want to purchase a product. Using NLP can bring about a huge impact on searchability which ultimately enhances the chances of getting noticed substantially among more users.

    Influences Buying Decisions for a Buyer

    AI enables your Magento store to influence buying decisions among your visitors thereby increasing your sales. A recent study reveals that every visitor spends at least 15 – 30 minutes surfing the store and looking for products that might interest them. The period is an asset for store owners to convert those visitors into potential customers for a longer time.

    It might interest you fact that AI technology helps businesses encouraging buyers to take decisions rapidly for buying either directly or indirectly. Artificial Intelligence is very handy in providing you detailed analytics and data of sales which helps you to invest more in modules where visitors spend most of the time. If a visitor is spending time on a particular page there are chances that they might complete the purchase cycle soon.

    Chatbot facility 

    Apart from a contextual search that we are discussing, chatbots are another important asset that can influence users in your store. While you upgrade your store to Magento 2 with the help of a strong and experienced team of developers, they will suggest you add virtual assistant functionality to your eCommerce store for better sales. The chatbots are like a virtual companion in nature which assists you with your queries exactly just you interact with human executives.

    Again not to forget chatbots are driven by AI technology which enables the assistant to understand human language and addressing relevant queries as humans do. The best part about these chatbots, they are smart enough to understand every small preference of a buyer and give them tailored recommendations for improving customer shopping experiences.

    Safeguard from Scam and Fraudulent activities

    When we see rapid growth in the eCommerce industry, the number of risks of fraudulent activities subsequently increases. It all starts with online payment frauds while people commonly pay using credit and debit cards. In actual this is one of the most serious fraud activities every single eCommerce store faces. Every personal and financial detail of customers is compromised while the stores are hacked. The emerging architecture of AI looks promising in securing data of users and keeping stores safe from high intellectual frauds.


    Since AI has significantly enhanced the shopping experience within the eCommerce industry, it is Magento stores that will give extra mileage in attracting potential customers. It is important to keep up the pace with the latest technology like AI, not doing so will always give you a conventional set-up in competing with key players.

    It is highly recommended to get in touch with the best Magento 2 development company to architect, design, plan your requirements for a better eCommerce store shopping experience for potential customers.

    When you are looking to enhance your store with the Magento platform, it is the Mage Monkeys team that can be trusted for advanced experience and industry-specific recommendations. Our AI-enabled approach to date has helped us to envision the hidden potential within this domain. We feel proud to share that with the optimistic approach it is our team which have successfully implemented AI technology for so many clients till today.

    To get a competitive edge contact us today with your custom requirements and we will create an eCommerce store driven by AI-technology keeping in mind the futuristic Magento store enablement with advanced functionalities fulfilling your needs and expectations.

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