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    Magento is a leading platform for E-commerce business. It helps you beat your competition but it is facing some drawbacks. You can overcome those drawbacks with the help of certified Magento Developers who are experts in their work making your path towards an advanced ecosystem.

    There is a number of improvements made in Magento 2 but still, it has some weak points. If we see from a tech point of view, you can overcome these issues with some additional efforts and proper care.

    Before you think of migration you must be aware of those issues completely and know its way to resolve them

    Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not as simple as you upgrade the latest version of an open-source platform by simply downloading and installing the source code above the already existing version. You need to perform various tasks carefully before you carry out the migration process.

    a) Code & Design Migration
    b) Data Migration
    c) Theme Migration
    d) Extension Migration

    Feasible solution:

    You need to hire a team of experienced Magento developers who can provide you with a cost-effective quote and speedy turnaround. Your Magento store consists of a number of data that you can’t risk losing it during the migration process.

    • Product details along with images.
    • Product/service reviews and categories.
    • Customer information which you use to provide a personalized experience.
    • Quick payment facilities CMS and other existing content on your site

    Data migration from Magento 1 database to Magento 2 database is yet another issue. It is not easy because of database structure, the functioning of the database, and the different way to data is exchanged. If a minor mistake is made during the data transfer process by the Magento migration team then it may result in a heavy data loss and cost has to be taken care of by the Magento merchant/owner

    Feasible Solutions:

    During the Magento 2 data migration, developers need to use proper migration tools which are provided by the official platform and also from third-party developers. Your Migration team will cross-check the consistency between Magento 1 and Magento 2 with regards to the database structure. After that, they will track the progress of the data transfer and create logs right before running data verification tests.

    To ease the data loss risks, Magento developers need to migrate Magento 1 store data to the development server where further migration process and the test will be done thoroughly. Once the team gets the desired result then it will shift from a development server to a live server on the E-commerce site.

    Magento Themes Migration Issues

    Earlier it was easy for developers to migrate themes from one version to the next because the theme provider offers version compatibility soon after the release. Just with a code moving you get the existing theme in the new version

    Sadly, the process is not at all same when you migrate Magento 1. to Magento 2.x. Migrating from Magento 1 theme to Magento 2 platform is impossible. To carry out the migration you need completely discard the existing theme and then work for the possible solutions to install the latest Magento 2 theme for your advanced online storefront

    Feasible Solutions:

    No.1: Find the latest theme on the Magento marketplace.

    Always look for an advanced and improved Magento theme compare to your previous theme. In terms of theme, take the benefit of additional offerings of the Magento 2 platform. You can go for a free theme or paid one as per your requirement because free themes have certain issues and limitations whereas paid one fit all your expectations.

    No.2: Get the theme that matches your current theme.

    Changing the entire theme may have a high risk for an eCommerce store. They aim for the same look in the new upgraded version of Magento 2 store so during the migration process you need to ask Magento 2 developers to create the same theme or new design on Magento 2 as per your existing Magento 1 theme.

    You have two alternatives, you can design a theme from scratch or you can customize the available themes in the market. This will take more time like from days to a month but it is worth spending

    No.3: Design Theme Right from the Scratch

    You can opt for an innovative theme for your Magento 2 store right from the beginning if you don’t want to use existing theme templates which are available in the market. So get your own theme to secure a high Return On Investment (ROI) from it.

    Problems during Magento Extension migration

    Same as the Magento theme, Magento 2.x does not support any extension existing on Magento 1.x. so, you need to take the same steps which we have seen for the Magento 2 theme migration

    Feasible Solutions:

    You only have to install a certain number of extensions for quality and necessary features to enhance your store because Magento 2 already has massive built-in capabilities, functionality, and features which reduces the number of more extensions

    Challenges during Magento Code Migration

    Magento open source code is not easy for experienced Magento developers. Hence, during the Magento development and migration process, this custom code becomes a big issue and makes developers rework custom modules for the new site.

    Feasible Solutions

    There are some code conflicts that are unavoidable to solve and it needs the development of modules from the start. To ease the issue upfront, developers can make use of Magento Code Migration Tools.

    SEO and Ranking are affected by Magento Migration Process

    Magento migration can highly affect your SEO features and functionality. You may also see its efforts on technical SEO.

    Feasible Solutions:

    Soon after the migration, you must go through the entire process of carrying out technical and design. You need to start your SEO process from scratch.

    Migrating to Magento 2 will take a lot of time.

    Migrating from one version to another version will take a good amount of time as the entire migration process is very lengthy and it faces a lot of issues which we have seen above. It needs proper attention and efforts to overcome everything successfully

    Feasible Solutions:

    One to three months is a standard migration period for Magento. Further, it depends on the volume, size, and complexities of the database in the current store. By implementing advanced tools and techniques one can reduce time to market. We advise our Magento merchants to prefer migration during their slack season or low-sale season. This way they can give more time to the process.

    Few more Magento 2 Drawbacks

    Apart from the above-mentioned Magento migration issues. We have noticed several other issues as well which need your consideration.

    For example:

    a) Magento 2 Speed Issue:

    After the release of Magento 2 number of complaints was in terms of the slow loading of the web page. Though by default, Magento 2 is at all slow it is just a few setting mistakes which are making it slow while loading.

    Feasible Solution:

    • Always update your Magento 2 version
    • Use updated PHP version
    • Enable varnish cache
    • Choose flat products and categories
    • Opt content delivery network
    • Do not use heavy themes and always optimize images
    • Install non-bug extensions

    b) Cost of Magento Development

    Magento development agency can not declare cost slabs because each project is different and unique and so the development team. Cost depends on the size and customization of the Magento stores.

    Take Away

    Before the Magento platform completely stops its support for Magento 1 store at that moment you have to migrate your store to Magento 2. Therefore you need to overcome whatever issues you are facing or forcing you to be alive on Magento 1 store because Magento 2 is better than Magento 1 but it is also true that the migration process is weak.

    We have seen that Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x migration is not at all easy and quick owing to its different structure. Get in touch with us to eliminate those hurdles you are facing because your store demands special care and our team consists of expert Magento developers who will always provide you right guidance keeping your requirements in mind.


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