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    Every digital merchant thinks about how they can take their business to the next level.

    It’s not as easy as it looks because the eCommerce space continues to become more and more competitive, consumers expect a certain level of quality from a retail website they visit.

    That’s why today we’re going to talk about 3S factors that can help merchants to grow the digital business at rocket speed.

    Speed – A FASTER site means MORE sales. Let’s say a buyer opens two sites. One is your and another is your competitor. If a competitor’s site loads faster then there are high chances that the compeititor will get the sales. A low speed impacts digital business a big time. That’s why check your page speed score through google and improve your site’s speed if it’s low. Optimizing media, removing unnecessary codes,  use a proper hosting server can be good solutions. But, it’s always advisable to consult a professional for your site.

    Security – We all install anti-virus in our digital devices to make ’em secure. In the same way, our eCommerce site needs the latest security updates to stay secure from hackers. We have a team of ethical hackers who can help your store to get more secured.

    Sales – Sales improvement depends on a lot of things. A stable, speedy, and secure site will help you to achieve desired sales. If your site is 100% healthy with good speed then Google will increase the SEO ranking for your site’s keywords.  That will give you numerous orders. In a nutshell, the site’s speed, security, and stability are directly connected to its sales.

    We at Mage Monkeys have helped numerous eStore to achieve desired sales targets by empowering these 3S factors.

    If you want to achieve your sales, then let us know and we will empower your site’s speed, security, and stability to improve the sales.


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