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    Read This Article If You Want To Create Magento Theme From Scratch

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    Today eCommerce stores have become the most popular medium for businesses to sustain, grow and get enhanced ROI. The latest version of this CMS offers a lot of advantages to businesses and so businesses are focused on building Magento stores that help them grow. To keep customers engaged on the site, it is important to have attractive themes. Themes are critical components of a Magento website or an online store. Apart from delivering usability, appealing storefronts give away an aesthetic feeling to the users. This means investing in creative and user-friendly themes is good for your store. You can create Magento themes that is completely customized for your business by choosing a reliable Magento development partner like ours.

    Here at Mage Monkeys, we stress creating beautiful and useful Magento themes for our clients. To accomplish the task, we have a strong team of experienced and skilled Magento developers who have past experience in creating Magento themes for varying industry niches. This has helped us to curate industry-specific solutions for our clients from time to time.

    The skills and expertise possessed by our developers let them create lightweight Magento themes for your business project with minimalist designs. Such themes load faster and are known for their speed.
    Magento platform can be used to build functionality-rich and highly interactive themes. To get the best out of this for your business when creating a Magento theme from scratch, our developers follow UI/UX standards to ensure nothing goes wrong in the process.

    Apart from that, we also make use of the latest media versions like WebP when creating Magento Theme. Using WebP helps you have images with decreased file size through the process of compression. This can be good especially when you have an online store with lots of images. Decreasing the size of the images will help us have improved the performance of the store or website.

    Through our Magento theme development services, we have been able to create satisfied clientele over the years. Understanding the nature of the business and its requirements, we create Magento themes from scratch that is completely customized. This helps them to deliver an outstanding user experience to their customers.

    Additionally, we have been able to help our clients with some positive changes in their businesses. Our clients experienced an increase in traffic on their eCommerce stores by implementing customized themes. Customized themes are created keeping the client business in mind and so everything right from navigation to product categorization, everything is planned well. Therefore, they witnessed a decreased bounce rate of a noticeable amount. This is actually good for any business as keeping visitors engaged in their store is what any online business wants.

    Another thing that our clients came across was enhanced user experience in their stores. Better experience on the online store means customers will be spending more time on the website to explore products and move around. When customers are satisfied with the way your website responds to their needs, they will spread the word for you without much effort. This can be one of the best ways to reach newer customers without investing in heavy marketing strategies.

    Again, we will create a well-planned and completely customized Magento theme to help your customers have a smooth buying journey. So, such ease of shopping experience will lead to more products getting added to the cart. This will increase the chances of customers making spontaneous purchases in the form of upsells and cross-sells along with their regular shopping behaviors.

    So as said above, more products in the cart mean higher chances of making sales. Businesses that went ahead with custom theme development for their Magento store were able to witness an increase in sales by 34%. Now it is important to understand that making more sales even by a few percent is good especially with competition getting stronger in the market.

    So, if you are planning to create a custom Magento theme for your website or store, then choosing us for the work can be good. With years of experience in designing and developing themes for different Magento stores belonging to varying industry niches, our team is capable to respond to any Magento project with utmost care and professionalism.

    To discuss your business needs and hire the Magento team accordingly, contact us today!

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