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Overriding Model in Magento 1.9.X

The list of files required for the Overriding model through a new module:

Creating Files and Folders: Custom Module
What we need to do is to create a module file.
Make a file – “app/etc/modules/Magemonkeys_Catalog.xml”
Then, add the below code inside the file

Now create “app/code/local/Magemonkeys/Catalog/etc/config.xml” and add the below code inside the file:

We have defined a module version using the <version> tag. After that, the <catalog> & <rewrite> tags are used to override a “model” of the “Catalog” core module.

The final step will be to define a model class Magemonkeys_Catalog_Model_Category.
Make a model file “app/code/local/Magemonkeys/Catalog/Model/Category.php” and paste the following code inside it:

That’s it.

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