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    Overriding Helper class in Magento 1.9.X

    Let’s try overriding Mage_Checkout_Helper_Cart helper class in this article.

    Step 1 – Create a module in your local folder app/local/Magemonkeys/Checkout

    Step 2 – Register your module in etc/modules directory by creating Magemonkeys_Checkout.xml file with the following content:

    Step 3 – Create a config.xml file inside your etc directory of your module directory app/local/Magemonkeys/Checkout/etc/config.xml with the following code:

    Step 4 – Create Data.php file in helper directory of your module directory app/local/Magemonkeys/Checkout/helper/Data.php with the following code snippet:

    Step 5 – You can call your new helper function in phtml file by using the following code:


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