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    Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 needs a lot of preparation and a few things are very common like the theme, an old data structure (sometimes). Together these factors can cause some worry. Here are a few examples that we have experienced

    Saving a product and creating a new URL nothing happens and the URL won’t change

    A lot of times it happens that the client would get the error “The from date is not greater than the to date”. You cannot view these on the product edit page and still, you will get the error. This takes place due to Magento New from and to dates are differently used in some places.

    Even, special price from and to dates seems to continue but yet you cannot edit it. In this case, the client would change the price as they were added to the cart here; the product page does not make the changes, and also the cart ignores the changes.

    At the time of upgrades, the data structure faces few errors based on fields that are loaded with what seems like spam.

    Let’s understand through an example:

    One of our clients was unable to create a new URL for a product. In simple words, any time the product was saved it was simply using the existing URL. The reason was that the url_path field was no longer used and or even shown in the Magneto 2 UI, however, the value was present in the DB so whenever save the product it uses that field. Although our was a little different with the attribute.

    DELETE FROM catalog_product_entity_varchar WHERE attribute_id = 87

    Using this if you save a product key then you immediately receive the new URL in the frontend.

    You may wish to validate the url_path attribute ID before you go deleting anything though.

    SELECT * FROM eav_attribute WHERE attribute_code = ‘url_path’

    Make a note that all your systems must have the same ID numbers.

    This one is similar to another EAV type of data issue we have seen. The sale_price_from and the sale_price_to dates were deprecated from Magento Commerce Edition, in favor of using the scheduler to schedule the changes. Well, either something went wrong or but in the past we had one client where the prices were changing in the carts because the dates were there, but now one could manage them. And one place in the front end used them, while others did not.

    So, now to the point of the article. The other day we wanted to migrate someone from Woo Commerce to Magento 2. So we started to investigate this based on using Cart2Cart. This tool allows you to migrate via various cart API user accounts, passwords, orders as well as products.

    Then we came up with the idea!

    why don’t we start doing our Magento 2 migrations this way, use the software to cleans the DB if you will, and make sure we start with a fresh new Magneto 2 specific DB, then migrate you one data with Cart2Cart.

    Well, this is exactly what we will be doing for a long and to make sure to carry over as little “legacy problems” in the data as possible. If you are at all familiar with the Magento EAV data structure you will likely know what we are talking about, its a tremendously flexible data model, but it does seem to be prone to lots of issues where data structures are referenced in the code base, they are no longer intended to be used.

    Take Away

    You should at the very least, consider a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration plan that opts to use data migrations through API layers and native imports, rather than through a database “upgrade” script. The upgrade script can keep some stuff around you may not want or need.

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