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Magento2 : Display New label of product in product list page

If you need to display a new label of the product on the list page, then you can do it via helper file.

Here I have made one extension for that.

1, First you need to create module directories on app/code.
2. Then add registration.php in app/code/vender/module/.

3. The next step is to add module.xml file in app/code/vender/module/etc/

4. In the final step, you need to create one helper file Newlabel.php in app/code/vender/module/Helper/

After creating all the above files, run setup:upgrade command

Then, you will able to add a new label on your override list.phtml file in product loop) as per below.

Hope my post will helped you to enrich your Magento knowledge.

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