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    The news is in the tech headlines that Magento stores are getting hacked. More than 4500 Magento stores have been hacked so far this month.

    We hope and wish that your store is safe till the date. But, it’s advisable to be prepared against any such hacking attempt. The question is how?

    The answer is Mage Monkeys’ security service.

    At Mage Monkeys, our Magento experts read the hacking pattern & according to that, they help your store to be more secured against ’em.

    Our service includes:

    Malware scanning – We’ll scan your store & check whether any malware is there or not.

    Store Monitoring – We’ll monitor your store with our tools & scripts. Any suspicious behavior will be taken care of immediately.

    Patching Issues – We’ll let you know that if your website is having missing or having any patching Issues or not.

    Advanced Threat Detection Checking – We’ll read server logs and previous technical history of your Magento store. It will help us to detect any hacking attempt in ADVANCE.

    SSL – We’ll audit your SSL installation and related.

    File Integrity Monitoring – identify which changes have been made to your website.

    Managed Service – Our Magento security experts will become tech your team, managing and responding to online threats to your business.

    The price you’ll pay for our security service will be 0.10% of what you’ll pay when your store will get hacked. CHOICE IS YOURS!!


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