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    Follow the below steps to install and set up PWA in 2.3 :

    Prerequisite :
    You must have a version of  NodeJS >=10.14.1 , and Yarn > = 1.13.0. I suggest using the Latest versions of both are recommended.

    1 ) Use the following command :

    /var/www/html/m23 is a Magento installation directory.

    2 ) Install Magento by Command Line:

    While you have completed with Magento installation, Now
    3 ) Now clone pwa-studio repository :

    I have cloned this repository in magento root directory ex: /var/www/html/m23
    4 ) You will see the pwa-studio directory in /var/www/html/m23.
    Enter into this directory :

    5 ) Run :

    6 ) Specify the Magento backend server in .env file. you can see the .env.dist file in
    /var/www/html/m23/pwa-studio/packages/venia-concept/ direcoty. If you are not
    able see, enable show hidden files. Now create .env file from this env.dist

    7 ) Open this .env file and find MAGENTO_BACKEND_URL. Here configure your
    local Magento 2.3 instance, my case it is :

    7.1 Generate SSL certificate because PWA features require an HTTPS Secure Domain. From the root directory of PWA (/PWA-studio) run the below command:

    Note: 7.1 Feature requires administrative access.

    8 ) Now let’s install sample data for venia-theme to make it good-looking.

    9 ) Run the following command in the Magento root directory setup the repository for the sample data in composer config –no-interaction –ansi repositories.venia-sample-data composer

    9 )  Require in the sample data :

    10 ) Now go back to pwa-studio directory /var/www/html/m23/pwa-studio and start Server.

    The above command maybe gives the permission error, so run the below command with sudo.

    12 ) Run the server, Use any of the following commands from the project root directory to start the server:

    Last steps to run the following commands :

    You are Done! 🙂




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