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    Magento 2: How to create custom form with email template using custom module?

    You need to create module like below:

    1. Create module directories Magemonkey/Customform in app/code.

    2. Create registration.php file in app/code/Magemonkey/Customform/ and put below code.

    3. Create module.xml file in app/code/Magemonkey/Customform/etc/ and put below code.

    4. Create routes.xml in app/code/Magemonkey/Customform/etc/frontend/ and put below code.

    5. Create email_templates.xml in app/code/Magemonkey/Customform/etc/ and put below code.

    6. Create Index.php file under app/code/Magemonkey/Customform/Controller/ and put below code.

    7. Create customform.xml layout file in app/code/Magemonkey/Customform/view/frontend/layout/ and put below code.

    8. Create template file customform.phtml in app/code/Magemonkey/Customform/view/templates/ and put below code.

    9. Create customform.html under app/code/Magemonkey/Customform/view/frontend/email/ and put below code.

    10. Now create file for submitting data to post action so Create Post.php under app/code/Magemonkey/Customform/Controller/post/ and put below code.

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