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    If you want to restrict customer to checkout based on your criteria (condition), then this article is your answer.

    For example if you want to restrict customer when cart total less then $300, this method is worth to give a try.

    Here we are using Magemonkeys as Vendor name and CheckoutRestriction as the name of a module. You can change this according to your Vendor and Module name.

    Step 1: Create Registration

    Create registration.php file in the app/code/Magemonkeys/CheckoutRestriction folder with the following code.

    Step 2: Create a module

    Create a module.xml file in the app/code/Magemonkeys/CheckoutRestriction/etc folder with the following code.

    Step 3: Create a di.xml for front-end

    Create a di.xml file in the app/code/Magemonkeys/CheckoutRestriction/etc/frontend folder with the following code.

    Step 4: Create a Plugin file

    Create a Restrict.php file in the app/code/Magemonkeys/CheckoutRestriction/Plugin/Checkout/Controller with the following code.

    Here is screenshot which shows error message when some one trying to click on checkout and subtotal less then $300

    You can replace 300$ with your favorable amount and use accordingly.

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