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    In Magento, there is no setting to change Magento’s backend logo.

    For that, first, you need to create a custom admin theme and then change the logo.

    Steps are listed below:

    1. app/code/[VendorName]/[ModuleName]/registration.php
    2. app/code/[VendorName]/[ModuleName]/etc/module.xml
    3. app/code/[VendorName]/[ModuleName]/etc/di.xml
    4. app/design/adminhtml/[VendorName]/[themename]/registration.php
    5. app/design/adminhtml/[VendorName]/[themename]/theme.xml
    6. app/design/adminhtml/[VendorName]/[themename]/Magento_Backend/layout/admin_login.xml
    7. Upload app/design/adminhtml/[VendorName]/[themename]/web/images/login-logo.svg                                                                     
    8. app/design/adminhtml/[VendorName]/[themename]/Magento_Backend/layout/default.xml
    9. Upload app/design/adminhtml/[VendorName]/[themename]/web/images/menu-logo.svg                                                     
    10. Magento CLI

      Note: You can change the names of logo files in the configuration file if you want to use PNG files instead of SVG for the logo.
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