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    Here, we will discuss about how to add custom attribute in Magento 2 Category section.

    I have created a custom module to add boolean type custom attribute.

    Here, I have used MageMonkey as vendor and CustomCategorySettings as the module name.

    Please follow below steps:

    1. Create MageMonkey/CustomCategorySettings directories in app/code

    2. Create registration.php file at app/code/MageMonkey/CustomCategorySettings/ and add following code:

    3. Create module.xml file at app/code/MageMonkey/CustomCategorySettings/etc/ and add following code:

    4. Create InstallData.php file at app/code/MageMonkey/CustomCategorySettings/Setup/ and add following code:

    5. Create category_form.xml file at app/code/MageMonkey/CustomCategorySettings/view/adminhtml/ui_component/ and add following code:

    6. Run following commands to enable this custom module.

    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    php bin/magento cache:clean
    php bin/magento cache:flush

    Now, you can see in Magento 2 Admin > Catalog > Category

    There will be a tab group “Custom Settings” in admin category as shown below.

    Fill the below form if you have any Magento programming need.

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