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Magento 2.3 admin product view not working after migration

I faced a problem after migration from Magento 1,

When I go to the admin product page, I can’t see the product view just reloading the loader.

When I check the log files gives me error like: PHP Fatal error: Method Magento\\Ui\\TemplateEngine\\Xhtml\\Result::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Magento\\InventorySalesAdminUi\\Model\\GetSalableQuantityDataBySku::execute() must be of the type string, null given, called in…

After debugging I found the issue that stated SKU should be empty for migration products.

As you know, in Magento, the SKU is a required field when you create a new product. So in migration, it might happened that store product SKU was blanked or not a string due to corrupted data.

To resolve this issue, we need to run below query:

Simply, we set SKU as NULL and fix that where any SKU’s are store blank in the database.

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