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    Luxury For Princess is a Netherlands-based online beauty store that sells hair extensions and related accessories. The company was launched by Vera Speycken along with her father and through their store, they showcased a variety of high-quality hair extensions for their customers to choose from. Lately, Vera and her father were experiencing some critical issues with their online Magento store.

    So, when they came to Mage Monkeys Magento upgrade team with their problems, we offered them many solutions. Among them, one was to upgrade the store from current Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.3.

    The build process

    Our team at Mage Monkeys started by analyzing the issues faced by our client’s website. We then divided the issues and tackled them one by one. We kept the client in the loop to ensure transparency throughout the Magento upgrade journey.

    Technology & Tools

    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Linux server
    • Apache

    An intuitive and attractive storefront

    Our team came up with a fully customized storefront for Luxury For Princess. The layout, colors, fonts, pictures, and everything were designed keeping the female customers in mind.

    luxury for princess storefront homepage
    Payment gateway integration for Multisafepay

    Adding the Magento 2 plugin for Multisafepay into the store helped our client introduce different payment options like Bancontact, SOFORT Banking, Trustly, etc.

    As Seen On

    This feature showcases pictures and videos of different celebrities flaunting their looks by using hair extensions from LFP.


    Social media integration

    This feature lets the customers proudly share on Instagram the amazing products they bought from Luxury For Princess and how they have been using it.

    social media integration Magento store


    While discussing the issue with our client, our team at Mage Monkeys realized that majority of their problems were caused because of the older version of Magento that the store was using. This restricted them from having a new set of functionalities for their store all the while affecting its overall performance. So, we had to plan out upgrades for the store based on their needs.

    Moreover, during the discussion, our client also expressed their desire to revamp the looks of the store in terms of design, colors, fonts, and much more. They wanted to make the frontend more attractive for their customers by using a refreshing theme while making it easy for users to browse and shop. So, the Mage Monkeys team had to plan out a new design layout that would be very attractive and easy to use.

    Another problem that our client faced was related to the limited access to their online store from different devices. To resolve this problem our team at Mage Monkeys suggested making the online store mobile-friendly.

    One of the other challenges that LFP faced was with their customer support partner -Webshipper. Being an older Magento version, our client was having trouble connecting with Webshipper. Our team needed to resolve this issue as they were not planning to change the customer support company.

    One final issue that they discussed with us was to get more payment gateways integrated into their system to boost customer experience and enhance conversions. They already had PayPal and wanted to integrate more options into the system. Again, the older version of Magento was not much secure and safe for online transactions and it was one of their major concerns too.


    Our client being into an online business, it was important for them to stay on top of everything. So instead of making some changes in the current Magento store, Mage Monkeys suggested they make an upgrade and move to the latest version. Making them understand the need to move to the latest version was challenging and our team did that well by explaining to them all benefits that they will get to enjoy.

    Our client wanted to have a new theme designed for their store. They wanted it to match with their brand vision, products, and customers -who were the beautiful ladies out there! After understanding the needs of our clients and their idea about how their store should look, our team of Magento designers at Mage Monkeys came up with highly customized and responsive designs as part of the upgrade service. Our team communicated with the client on a regular basis throughout the designing phase and made multiple revisions as needed to achieve the final look. Our designers also ensured to make the design mobile-friendly so that it can be seamlessly accessed by visitors using mobile phones and tablets.

    The older Magento version was making it difficult for our client to have smoother relation with their customer support company – Webshipper. The Magento 2 upgrade was not able to resolve the problem for our client and the integration was not successful from the client’s end. As our client wanted to keep doing business with Webshipper, it was a big challenge for our team to resolve the issue. Our team then contacted Webshipper on behalf of Luxury For Princess and customized the integration from their end.

    For online transactions, our client made use of PayPal. It was safe and secure but was not enough as people were using different payment options for making digital payments. Keeping that in mind, during the Magento upgrade service Mage Monkeys suggested the client include some banking options which they denied as they were not having plans to get entangled in banking procedures. They wanted to include Multisafepay payment methods in their store. So, we added the Magento 2 plugin for Multisafepay into the store. Now, this was challenging as Multisafepay needed customization to work well with the store and let it have multiple payment options included.


    After coming up with multiple versions, trying out many strategies, and implementing new custom changes, Mage Monkeys team were able to come up with an attractive, fully customized, high-performing, and secure online store for Luxury For Princess. During the Magento 1.9 to 2.3 upgrade, we also took care of technical glitches that were present in the earlier version. The inclusion of multiple safe and secure payment options in the store by adding in Magento 2 plugin for Multisafepay helped the store see an increase in online transactions and more purchases. The new version of the online store was mobile-friendly and responsive which made it easy for the customers to access the store using their mobile devices on the go. The Magento upgrade service helped our client with better customer acquisition and they witnessed a tremendous increase in their conversion rate.


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