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    Magento is one of the most powerful and stable e-commerce development platforms and the release of the Magento 2.0 version is sending new waves through the Magento community. In order to stay on board and thrive, the world is now directed towards upgrading its version from Magento 1 to Magento 2.0.

    Currently, Magento holds almost 14% of the market share and with this impending release, this is likely to increase. The migration from the older to newer version involves various components:

    • Data
    • Various Theme
    • Custom Code
    • Extensions and functionalities
    • Products
    • Orders

    To make the migration smooth, it is vital for organizations to properly strategize, plan migration detailing, and streamline the process before moving your store to Magento 2. But, kindly note if your current version’s theme, extension, or functionalities are not compatible with Magento’s latest version then you have to redevelop the entire website from scratch.

    Do you wonder why you need to upgrade? Let’s consider the following points:

    By far, Magento 1 was one of the most flexible platforms using which users could create dynamic e-commerce stores. However, it was unable to cater to basic needs like versatile built-in extensions, performance optimization, speed, responsiveness, and admin capabilities. Hence, developers came up with Magento 2.0.

    Features like amazing SEO optimization, functionalities, security, high stability, intuitive admin panel, scalability, better performance, etc. differentiate Magento 2.0 from Magento 1.

    Benefits of the up-gradation:

    • Faster Performance: The new update will make your eCommerce portal almost 20 times faster. The built-in extension of Magento 2.0 called ‘Varnish Cache’, speeds up the loading time of your web page to less than seconds rather than waiting for it to render.
    • Better SEO opportunities. Remember because of slow page load time, your Google ranking, conversion rates, and bounce rates were suffered. Well, with Magento 2.0 this problem will be solved! Better performance and it being SEO friendly is the most important advantage of switching to Magento 2.0
    • User-friendly check-out: Magento2.0 makes the check-out process streamlined, quicker, and easier. The checkout process in the newer version is quite flexible, customizable, and requires very few steps. It also has fewer abandoned carts and increases conversions.
    • Better integrations: Magento 2.0 integrates a lot of dynamic extensions which boosts better functionality and performance. It makes third-party integrations like payment gateways or Braintree a lot easier.
    • New admin interface: The admin interface in the latest version is specifically designed to reduce the time to manage an online store. A personalized panel helps increase productivity and gives quick access to important business information. Importing products is 4x faster in Magento 2.0.
    • Mobile responsiveness: It is mobile-friendly, helps improve sales. It comes with new mobile-friendly themes, integrated video, and an easier checkout process. On top it is touch-screen friendly to help you manage your store on the go!

    In Nutshell…

    In today’s highly competitive world, making a switch to Magento 2.0 is necessary if you want to stay in the competition, innovate, and outperform. However, initially, the process might seem tedious, but with proper planning, detailing at every step, and sticking to the migration plan, you can smoothly upgrade your eCommerce store.

    With each passing, you will get a new update from Magento 2.0, so if you are planning to switch, now is the time as Magento 1.x is already on a path of depreciation.

    Fill the Form below to Upgrade Your Magento Store to Latest Version.

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