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    A theme of any website plays an important role. And when it comes to having the right Magento theme, you need to keep a few things in mind. Let’s see what one needs to consider in the existing Magento theme. This will help you to realize your Magento theme is ideal or not.

    1. A User-Friendly Layout

    The Magento store should be both good looking and user-friendly. If the UI/UX is difficult to use and understand you may lose on to the audience. The loading time should be minimum. One needs to remember the following points

    • Easy navigation
    • Simple back to top button
    • The search bar and shopping icons should be situated at the original place.

    So, in all this should be one of the reasons that your theme stays up in the store.

    2. A Perfect Layout and Template

    Select a theme and layout which is apt for your business. For example, say you own a fashion house then the theme should be colourful and chirpy. Select some theme which is in line with the trend.

    3. The Right Placement of Promotions and Banners

    You need to ensure that the banners are placed appropriately. A theme is incomplete without the banner or promotional sliders. These banners or sliders help in the success of any website. It is found that most ideal way of spreading a word about your brand can be done using a sliding or a rotating bar.

    4. Theme customization

    The theme should be such that one can customize it according to their requirements. Firstly, you should check out the primary options that are available and then go on to the secondary ones. All you need to do is ensure that you have the flexibility to personalize the website as per the latest trends.

    5. Compatibility Across Cross Browsers

    Any theme that you select needs to be compatible across all the browsers. It completely depends on the user as to what browser they would use. Hence, your theme should be performing equally regardless of the browser.

    6. Responsive

    Most of the people use their mobiles to access any website. This usage will only increase in the near future. The theme should be responsive on all the devices i.e. mobiles, tabs, laptops.

    7. SEO Friendly

    An SEO friendly website is a need of the hour. Magento is blended with a search engine optimization friendly environment. The theme just needs to follow the regular scripting practice and be doing all legitimate things for the bots to index your website. The HTML/CSS coding must be perfect.

    8. A Speed of the Theme

    Speed is one of the main aspects of any website. One should take care that the theme does not comprise of heavy graphics and unnecessary features. This may affect the speed of the website. As we said earlier, the loading time of the website should be minimum.

    9. In-built Blog

    Blogs have become an essential part of any business. Blogs help the audiences to connect with the brand. Also, blogs help brands rank well on search engines. Fresh content helps in SEO as well as connecting with the audiences.

    10. Social Media Elements

    Social media platforms are another way of spreading a word about your business. The brand promotions, recognitions puts the business/brand in a different ball game. You should ensure that the theme chosen should comprise the social media icons. The updates on twitter should be visible easily to the audiences.

    Apart from all these points, you should also remember to have reviews and ratings on your product or service page. This will help the audiences to form an opinion about your offerings.

    There are many themes available but having a special theme for your niche will help you stand distinct amidst the crowd. Have an equal balance of all that you need to have the best website.


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