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    Since a year community is talking about headless Magento. But, many of newcomers are not aware of this term and why it is needed? So let’s understand what Headless Magento is all about.

    What do we mean by Headless Magento?

    When your original Magento application is running but it does not give any output to the browser instead a static webpage will fetch the content it needs through JavaScript AJAX calls from the Magento API and for this you only need is a vanilla HTML page, some JaveScript tools and remote calls to the Magneto API.

    In simple words With Headless Magento, you can separate your web frontend from your eCommerce system. You are no longer bound to the usual Homepage then onto category page then product page, basket and checkout. With this, you provide a true experience to your customer that is custom to how you run your business.

    Why Headless Magento?

    A headless Magento would make swapping of the framework (Angular, Vue – whichever you pick) easier as JaveScript would be coupled to the Magento backend. Magento offers a flexible framework where you can create your own logic like logins, pricing and checkout. Though this comes with additional stuff which you don’t need but creating your own pricing rules will make things easier than trying to extend an modify the Magento pricing rule system. It does require a lot of time and effort but in favour of code will simply work the way you want it to work.

    Magento 2 is already headless, isn’t it?

    When we say “Headless” it means using the same JS framework to data a static HTML document. You can state that Magento 2 is already headless on major portion but a JavaScript developer needs to know more about KnockoutJS ViewModels so that he can make use of Magento logic then only he can add backend logic to JavaScript layer. Magento is not completely headless because the HTML document not only has the templating part but also static content which changes less.

    If you have worked a lot of Angular then you will prefer Angular than KnockoutJS. But on the other hand, developers prefer Knockout over Angular as with Knockout you can build whatever stuff you want to build while with Angular some restrictions do come along.

    What are the Benefits of Headless Magento?

    Modular System: Maintenance and updating have become easier as there is multiple application for different functionalities of frontend and backend.

    Performance: You can make use of most preferred technology for the different micro application. Thus, this will enhance your site performance.

    Flexibility: Developers do not have to worry about updating the complete application as the frontend and backend systems are separate so that gives them the flexibility to update a particular application.

    Productivity: Productivity increases as different teams can work at the same on different applications. Hence they do not have to wait for one another to finish the work.

    Magemonkeys and Headless Magento

    Headless Magento can make your store different as it’s all about separating the functions of the application to provide better customer experience. We understand your requirements and help you deliver a unique and exceptional experience to your customer by utilizing decoupled platforms.

    Headless Magento is well suited for enterprise who have CMS website and you are willing to add B2B or B2C storefront. It works best for websites having a high amount of images or video and need constant updates.


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