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    You know all about the challenges of managing a website that has more than one store. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money. The creators of Magento are completely aware of all the challenges and they have done their best to make Magento easier to maintain.

    Magento lets you manage your Multi stores through a single platform!

    This works best for merchants who manage multiple Magento installations and want all of them to manage on a single platform. A single admin panel allows them to view and control these eCommerce websites.

    The Structure of Magento Multistore

    A clear understanding of Magento multistore structure is very important for using this feature.

    • Step 1: Launch the global setup in which Magento installation will be done
    • Step 2: Within the global setup of the store, launch Magento multistore feature
    • Step 3: You can select to launch multiple stores with the Magento installation
    • Step 4: Now you can create multiple store views in each store you create


    Magento’s multi-store concept is quite simple. Under one hood, Magento offers 3 components: Global, Website, and Store. Each one has a different role in it. Each Magento installation automatically adds one more part which is called ‘store view’.

    The three components of GWS are explained in detail.

    1. Global stands at the top of a hierarchy and it does the complete installation of Magento. It has default settings, inventory and other information which are used for stores and store views.

    2. Magento Multisite (Website): A single installation can have multiple domains and each domain can manage more than one Magento 2 store. This lets you manage pricing, payments, shipping, products, taxes, order, and customers. Go to your configuration setting and set the price to be globally shared.

    3. Magento Multi stores (Stores): Here you represent your actual product catalogs. With a single web domain, you can sell multiple categories that connected to various goods and services. This feature makes your store look like a real shop with a number of products offered from a single domain. It allows you to have complete control over all your online stores.

    Magento Store Views (Store Views):

    Every store has a minimum of one store view that is used to store content having information about different products and services. Your website should support multiple languages, therefore, this feature is used to store multiple languages. With the help of the store view, you can adjust text and other design elements.

    Key Advantages Of Magento Multistore Functionality

    Magento 2 multistore feature makes your E-commerce management a lot easier. Below are some key benefits of it:

    • The website will be easy to navigate and explore.
    • Enhanced customer experience.
    • Central panel to alter the theme and restrict extensions.
    • Provides different payment and shipping methods for different regions.
    • Easy to add and edit catalogs.

    Checklist For Magneto Multistore

    If you want to set up a multistore feature, we have listed out those that are essential.

    • Purchase a multi-domain SSL certificate.
    • Ensure that you have multisite hosting to avoid any server issues in the future.
    • Take periodical back up to keep your store safe.
    • Through the admin panel, configure your Magento multistore.
    • Get a clean CSS code with the new free online tool hosted by HTML Cleaner.
    • Place your new domain name on your server.

    Bottom line

    Many people have confusion regarding Magento Multistore and they end up installing a separate Magento for each website/app and even different servers for each Magento site. We hope that the above article will help you in better understanding of Magento Multistore feature. We advise you to get the best Magento 2 hosting today and see a 50 percent increase in page speed.

    Our skilled team of professional Magento developers will help you to create an outstanding eCommerce website that fulfills your business requirements so that you can deliver the best user experience to your customers.

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