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    We were approached by a healthcare cosmetics brand to perform a tech audit through which the sales can see a positive turn.

    Instead of following general ecommerce practices, we process for customized industry specific solutions which resulted delivering better user engagement and sales.

    The changes executed by us are as per below.


    • Ingredients & their Advantages

    We positioned our client’s whole brand with ingredients that has been used by creative designer. We also designed the Advantages of ingredients section that encouraged customer’s buying decision. It worked because healthcare products are of personal use, before using the healthcare products, a customer always wants to know what they are consuming and advantages behind it.


    • Directions for use

    We design a section where direction of use dynamically generated short. yet informative contents. It helped customers to get more information on the products they were buying.


    • Personalized profile/Skincare Quiz

    We design personalize questionnaires, which made them answer the health concerns they were having and which lead the customer to buy the offered products.


    • Free online consultation

    As our client was into high-end skincare products, we design online consultation service page for them which turned very helpful. Customers felt that they are getting personalized service and someone is there to listen to their exact problem and give the best solution for that, and for that customers are always ready to pay extra.


    • Video Testimonials

    We design a responsive video testimonial section which was good with audio and video settings. Through analytics, we came to know that these videos were played plenty of times that means it worked as an engagement element for the product page.


    • Increasing Respect

    There is increasing awareness among the consumers about sustainable living. We adopted the trend and designed a specific section for same which worked like USP for the brand. Every product was having different tags and labels that were design by our designers.


    • Reward points

    We help our client to execute reward functionality for  :

    • On Referrals
    • Sharing the purchase on Social Media
    • Giving testimonial about the product
    • Rewards on Signup

    This was tricky development part for us to develop. If it not use with perfect code and mathematical strategy, then it can effect the ROI directly. Thus we used our inhouse algorithm and customize it according to our client’s requirement such a way that it helped client to achieve more sales and engagement.

    Rewards Points


    • Thank you page

    This is the last screen of the user journey on your website and you must be thinking that user acquired, sale made and that is the end of the journey of the user.

    We integrated client’s social media handles at this page which increased the social engagement for our client on a long run. The customers became the community.


    Every eCommerce store is different. One cannot apply general solution and expect better sales. You need a consultant like Mage Monkeys who has tried, tested & succeed with better results for eCommerce store from almost every industry.

    Apart from above, there are tons of points which we guided to our ecommerce customers to increase sales. If you want to take your sales to the next level, then fill the below form to discuss more.

    Contact us to Audit your site & increase sale by 7 to 10%

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