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How To Update Magento Order Status In Mysql When Order Is Stuck?

When your order is stuck and you want to update your Magento order status in my SQL then for that you have to create a temporary table called temp with 2 columns, increment_id and status.

Fill this table with orders numbers that need to be updated and the new status
e.g. canceled.

Status values can be found at:-
FROM sales_order_status_state

These queries will then update the sales order and the order grid with the new status.

UPDATE sales_flat_order, temp
SET sales_flat_order.state = temp.status, sales_flat_order.state = temp.status
WHERE sales_flat_order.increment_id = temp.increment_id;

UPDATE sales_flat_order_grid, temp
SET sales_flat_order_grid.status = temp.status
WHERE sales_flat_order_grid.increment_id = temp.increment_id

Hope your query is solved now. Do share in your views and experiences in the comment section below.

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