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    How to Set up Smtp Email for Magento 2?

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    Every online merchant is aware of email sending system. In this blog, we will guide you on how to set up default SMTP Email for your Magento Stores. The setting might be little complicated for some Magento owners.

    Introduced in a late 20th century, SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. There are 3 Steps to set up SMTP in Magento 2.

    Step 1: Create an Email Address for Your Domain

    This step is for setting SMTP for your Magento 2 where you need to obtain a valid email address for your domain before you configure SMTP Email for your Magento store. Your store admins can set up Email address by following guidelines from server administrator or email hosting provider.

    Step2: Configure Email sending system for Magento Stores

    Here you need to navigate Magento Admin Panel, go to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration. Then navigate the store Email Address on the left side of a panel under General. Then you have to select General Contact section to start making the adjustment in a default setting.

    In Sender Name, fill the names that you expect it to appear as the sender of any Email. Newsletters. We recommend that you should keep a name that bears association with the General Contact identity.

    Provide the associated Email address in the field of Sender Email

    You can repeat these actions to each Email address that you want to make use of it in future. Remember to click on Save Button to apply Email setting for your Magento stores.

    Step 3: Your Sales Email Configuration should always be updated

    In the last step, you need to set up the Magento sale system for your store. In order to keep your sender’s information correct, you have to pay attention to the configuration of any related Email messages.

    In Admin panel, navigate sales and then select Sales Email; then you will see the setting edit page. Further, select Order and then check all the sender information.

    After all the necessary changes are done, click Save button to complete your setting.


    Email sending system is one of the most determining factors of any online merchants’ success. Magento 2 default SMTP is to support store owners in accessing more customers and increasing sales but many store owners are unaware that most of their emails were left silently in spam or outbox instead of customers’ inbox and it is the biggest drawback of default SMTP which makes it unproductive for any E-commerce. So here comes MageMonkeys SMTP extension to handle your this problem and increase the effectiveness of your Email marketing.

    For more information and details on how greatly this extension can contribute to your store’s success, you can fill the form below and our team of certified Magento developers will give you the best result.

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