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How to Provide Quality Customer Service and Where does Magento fit in it

Just like your fingerprints, every customer who is visiting your eCommerce store is unique, hence it is a herculin task to provide satisfaction to every customer. However, there are a few tried and tested strategies to provide 100% customer satisfaction to almost all the individuals.

  • Quick and prompt service
    In the fast-growing world, everyone is busy. Customers nowadays prefer to avail quick and prompt services at their disposal. Hence it safe to conclude that the online merchant must streamline the processes, and ensure timely and efficient services.
  • Constant Communication
    One of the most underrated strategies is to communicate with your customers regularly; this doesn’t mean to send insane marketing mails. Honest, transparent and quick communication will build a certain level of trust with them. Which eventually makes them come back to your eCommerce store again and again and builds a long-lasting relationship.
  • Listen to Their Complaints
    Not taking the responsibility of your mistakes is the biggest sin you can commit as a store merchant. As per the recent research, it was claimed that greater than 90% of dissatisfied customers do not complain, but they also do not go back to those eCommerce stores ever again. Hence it becomes essential to hear understand and provide a solution to the customers’ pressure points. You can share a simple feedback form in which customers can share their experience with your product or service. These forms later can be utilized to understand what went wrong and how to avoid those mistakes in future.
  • Create a FAQs page
    FAQ page or section is another under-utilized technique to provide quality customer services. Having an FAQ page with basic questions along with answers will surely help the customers to get crucial information. It will also work as a goldmine for SEO. A simple process for adding FAQs would be to interact with few customers and take their opinion about the problems they faced when using your website or the things they’d like to know when placing an order. Add all of these queries in the form of questions along with the answers and direct the customers to this page if they have basic queries.

What does Magento can offer here!

  • The primary function of Magento is to provide the features dedicated to facilitating
  • eCommerce functions better, which eventually results in achieving higher customer satisfaction. The advantage of Magento is that it the platform provides a wide range of eCommerce sites and also feed to the demands and expectations of the customers. It provides exceptionally customizable eCommerce website 
    with a host of content management tools.
  • Features of the Magento
    Prominent features of Magento are as below,
  1. Impeccable web services: Due to this feature, the Magento store seamlessly integrates with any third-party application. A famous example is ‘live chat’ which takes the eCommerce store to the next level.
  2. It is suitable for comprehensive web management solutions.
  3. It is also suitable for custom website designing and styling.

How Magento can do Wonders to Improve Customer Service Experience

Magento has many advantages which can help to come over the problems as mentioned earlier and provide a brilliant platform to merchants. One among them is the security and convenience they offer to the customers. Magento is a top-notched Content Management System (CMS) which is equipped with a private SSL certificate. Besides, these are the detailed advantages Magento offers to improve Customer Service Experience,

  • Seamless Order Management
    Magento eCommerce websites give the customers to manage their online orders with utmost simplicity. Customers can print invoices, get a notification and re-order their earlier purchases without any complexity. Magento Stores can also create customized deals and discounts based on customers purchase history to attract the mass in high order.
  • Robust Analytics and Reporting
    Business analytics and your eCommerce store’s report play a crucial role in understanding customer needs and many other aspects. Hence this highly-flexible eCommerce platform Magento offers detailed insights into the customer’s preferences and needs by integrating tools such as website optimizer and Google Analytics. This report covers mostly all the critical aspects like most viewed products, total sales, the total number of orders taken in a day etc.
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