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How to override block in Magento 2 using the plugin?

In this article, I will guide you on how to use a plugin to block Override in Magento 2.

Add di.xml file in app/code/Magemonkeys/HelloWorld/etc/ and copy the following code in it:


Here enable all the methods containing before, after, and around methods.

  • Firstly, beforeGetProduct method will be active.
  • Next, aroundGetPrduct will be active.
  • Finally, afterGetProduct method will be active. You can look into the var/log/debug.log and confirm the method execution sequence.

Add ProductPlugin.php file in app/code/Magemonkeys/HelloWorld/Plugin/ and copy the following code in it:


Hope this guide helped you to understand the process to block override using plugin. If you have any queries regarding the blog, please comment below. We will assist you as soon as possible.

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