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    If you are the owner of an online store, you always have to think of different ways to boost your online sales. To convert more visitors into paying customers, you have to pay attention to your website product page.

    A recent study states that 53 percent of businesses spend less than 5 percent of their total marketing budget on conversion optimization and 35 percent of the businesses report a conversion rate of less than 1 percent.

    Website conversion optimization is the most neglected part of digital marketing. eCommerce website owners hardly get time to invest in conversion optimization.

    The question here is…

    What should be the conversion rate of your Magento online store? 

    Achieve better than the present one. We have mentioned some effective ways which will increase your conversion rates. Use these tips collectively to see the difference.

    Product Images

    Using high-resolution quality photos of your product is the main part of product details. The hero of boosting your eCommerce conversion rate is to show the best candy product images. Take the pictures with different angles and zoom feature.

    Images say a lot about the product than a product description. Good quality images can help you sell products even without any description of it. Always use fully optimized product images so that it doesn’t make your pages loading slowly. Ask your Magento eCommerce Developer to optimize product images.

    Product Description

    A complete description of products is very important and it also helps in your SEO efforts. Providing enough information to customers can convince them to proceed to the checkout page. Your products should have the full and short version of description moreover you can also provide a comparison chart.

    Product Videos

    Images have their limitations but videos are essential as it’s the future. Create good quality videos to convince your customer to trust your products

    Product Personalization

    Customers love to personalize stuff as they want their belonging to be unique and to have a feeling of owning something that nobody else has. Convince visitors to purchase your products by implementing some personalization functionality. Hire Magento 2 developers from us to make this happen for you.

    Product Reviews by Customers

    Product reviews and customer’s opinions help in building visitor’s trust. Magento platform has a default review and rating functionality for the products, even without login or registers your customers can write their feedback and opinion.

    Ensure that your showcase good reviews for each product on their respective product pages. The review should have the full name and photo of the customer. You will see an increase in the conversion rate by 30-50 percent.

    Shipping Charges

    More than half of the merchants offer free shipping. A survey stated that 47 percent of customers leave the website if they find shipping charges on the checkout page.

    Your sale can be affected by a hidden cost. Be clear about the shipping charges and mention it where customers can see them before buying. Instead of charging the shipping price of each item you can charge a flat shipping rate.

    Sales and Special Offers

    Consumers love endless sales and coupons. As per well-known research, 47 percent of customers only buy products with discounted prices or special offers whereas 62 percent are searching for a specific sale and special section. Your site should have a separate “sales” section on the website on the homepage and sidebars.

    Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Some factors which give rise to cart abandonment and what you can do about them:

    Hassle before purchase: Make sure that you do not ask for too much data or force them for registration before checkout.

    Page loading speed: Make sure that your website is fast and efficient so that consumers do not have to wait while your web pages get loaded. Optimize your site speed with the help of an Expert Magento Developers

    Customer query: It will suit me or not? Is it returnable? Have a live chat box feature to solve your customer’s concerns and answer their questions.

    High Product Price: You will likely lose sales if your prices are higher than your competitors. You must convey why your product is worth purchasing.

    Shipping charges: provide free shipping to turn a visitor into a customer.

    Follow up

    To reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate, you should follow up with a customer through email. It is one of the most effective ways to boost conversion rates.

    What do you need to do?

    Ask for their email address before checkout. You can send follow-up emails for incomplete orders.

    Make sure to send the first follow-up emails as soon as possible. You can even send free coupons if the purchase haven not taken place.

    Keep track of sent emails so that you can measure their effectiveness.

    Offer Live Chat & Show Contact Info

    Practice good and timely communication to achieve a higher conversion rate. Visitors expect a quick reply so ensure you cover all the bases. Build initial trust for your new website visitors by mentioning a phone number for direct contact. A survey suggests that 77 percent of e-retailers consider live chat as a critical communication method.


    With Google Analytics you can track your online store traffic and live data along with product page and also cart-checkout pages. Instead of manually adding tags to each page you can use the Google Remarketing tag on all your website pages. This will help in reaching specific audiences. After adding your tag, you just have to launch the remarketing campaign with your AdWords account by filtered dynamic ads based on visited pages and actions taken on site.

    Social Media

    You will see a significant change in conversion rate by integrating social media into your online store. Here you have to try and see which feature works best for you.

    Customers do not like Facebook like Google Plus or the Tweet button on product pages. Instead of the like and share feature, you can show Twitter feed and Facebook page timeline. You can also be considered social logins for your Magento 2 webshop.

    Try these features on some of the products and compare them to conclude which feature works best for your Magento web store. Make the best of the above-mentioned tips to boost the conversion rate of your Magento store.


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