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    Magento and Shopify are the two well-known eCommerce platforms on the market today. As per a recent global eCommerce study, Magento is the most trusted platform with more than 25 percent of the market share among the global eCommerce platforms. As time changes, the need of the business also changes, and if you are currently using Shopify then you have reached the upper limits of what you can achieve with it. It was seen that a lot of online store owners are moving from Shopify to Magento.

    Here how you can Make your Migration from Shopify to Magento Effortlessly

    Which Migration is better: Manual or Automatic?

    By using an automation tool, you can migrate from Shopify to Magento but that’s not feasible in every situation.

    If your Shopify store data is complex then you have to migrate it manually to avoid any unexpected errors on the contrary if the data is very thin then there is no useful benefit of the tool.

    How to Perform a Manual Migration?

    If you manually migrate your Shopify store to Magento then first you need to export everything from Shopify to Magento.

    For products, orders, and customer data, you can use native options to export the data to CSV files. Each file has a limit of 9000 rows and if your data exceeds these 9000 rows then you will not be able to manually export them. You will have to use an app from the Shopify app store.

    If your data does not exceed the limit of 9000 rows then, in that case, you can export everything to common files ready to be imported into your Magento installation. You won’t be able to export any themes but yes you can redownload any images you provided if you didn’t keep the original versions.

    Further, go to Magento admin dashboard and then process to system. Import/Export, and Dataflow Profiles. By selecting the CSV files you created you can start importing your products, customers, and orders.  As CSV files are very basic so it won’t give you a complete import for that reason you need to use an automation tool for your migration.

    How to Automate Your Migrate?

    There are various tools & plugins available in the market which can make migration easy. But, we would not advise you to go for it as tools and plugins have limitations.

    What do we suggest?

    We suggest you hire a professional to migrate your Shopify store to Magento.

    Hire a Magento developer who will make the data transfer for you if you do not want to go for manual as well as automated app or services. With Magento specialists, your migration process will take place seamlessly without facing many problems.

    A professional will carefully look into your requirements and provide you much more targeted quote.  You will get daily reports about everything that’s happening. An expert will help you learn the ropes of Magento and deal with the things you are unable to migrate like aesthetics.

    Are you running out of time and skill to perform the migration on your own?

    Migrating from one platform to another platform is not at all an easy process until you have tech knowledge. To carry out the migration process smoothly, you need to reply to a Magento expert. We at Mage Monkeys have trained Magento 2.0 developers who will perform data migration for you, providing all the required customization and support on each step of your migration process.

    Fill the form below if you want to migrate your store from Shopify to Magento

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