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    Today, video content is playing an important role in the world of e-commerce. It’s everywhere like our TV’s, social media channels, and even in the product pages on the e-commerce website. You have to agree that we all enjoy watching videos regularly given it any time of the day.

    Advertisers know the power of a video and how it influences consumers buying behaviour. But, doing it in a straight way is not something everyone knows. So, here is our guide which on how to make the most of video on your Magento eCommerce website.

    Visual information contains movements and it is the best way to connect with your customers.

    Some Fact about Videos:

    Before we start, let’s first understand what exactly Video does:

    • A visual experience delivers some content which text can never.
    • We give instant reaction to movements and videos do attract us in many ways.
    • We can get the sense of a visual scene in 1/10 of a second
    • The brain can receive 90% of the transmitted visual information.
    • Our brain can process to videos 60000 times faster than the text.
    • Videos are anytime more enjoyable for everyone as it is easier to deliver the message.
    • Our brain responds faster to the videos like if someone is smiling in the video then we also smile, same goes for laughing, crying and so on.

    It is clear that video content does play a significant role in attracting your customers. Retailers aim to spread awareness for particular products and this way they can generate conversions for specific items along with brand in general.

    Thus, it is very important that eCommerce videos show individual goods, key product information, that’s put into “real-life” context. Because, if people want to buy something from you then they would like to know how it works in the real world by real buyers, as they will just not rely on company’s opinion of how great the product may be.

    Now you may wonder about creating some amazing product videos?


    How can you create A Great Product Video?

    Creating a video depends upon the retailer’s target audience as every company would opt for different methods of creating successful product video.

    Some of the key principles of each retailer should be taken into account and they are:

    1. Context is the Key

    You need to show your product from customer’s perspective as it is for them and they would like to know how it will benefit them and contributes to a better life. So, customer reviews are the best way to increase both traffic as well as conversions for your website. Hence, it is proven that customers prefer watching videos and so with watching reviews.

    2. Make it like a Show and Tell

    Always keep your product simple especially when if it’s the first time. Choose the correct time, show them what it is and make a note of key features. Showcase how they can use it and how it will make their life better. Stick to your rules of a show and tell and everything will be simple.

    3. Customer Stories

    Once they are aware of your product then the audience would like to see some real-life examples so that they can connect with your product. You need to include customer-driven content which describes properly about its usage and the overall experience with the product. If your product is new in the market then you will not have any customer testimonials to show so in that case, you can share stories of the people behind the product. They will tell their experience of how they had created it and what their intentions behind it and this way your audience can understand the product.

    4. Branding

    Everything about the product matters. The video is not just an advertisement for your product but its more about the brand itself. Make a point that your content is produced to high standards and it looks professional and you can do it by customising it with your logo and taglines. When your product video is created then all you have to do is to sit back and see some of the many benefits will come heaving through to your business.

    Now let us know some key benefits of Video in eCommerce Sites

    1. Virtual Demonstration

    A video gives an in-depth information about the product and customers want to see the proof of everything they are buying so if your product videos are doing good by using the above mentioned 4 steps then you will be able to give them all the proof which they want to see before buying your product as videos eliminates all customer doubts.

    How it Eliminate Consumer Doubt?

    A customer always prefer buying the high-quality product and a video exactly tell them in detail about everything they wish to know and this is how you build trust with your audience especially for start-up companies it is very important to tell them a story of your product as well as the brand. A great tool to connect with them directly.

    2. Boost Rankings in Search Results

    Videos look rich and relevant content will make your SEO also better. All you have to do is to make it correctly with a clear description and appropriate title and also a transcript which shows that your page has information that people are looking for in their search engines.

    If you upload a product video in different channels like YouTube or Instagram then you are creating some additional backlinks to your website so these views and share on applications will increase the value of your content.

    3. Increase Conversions

    When you add a video in your website or in various channels then you are likely to see new users adding the product to their backed increases massively. You may also find a number of conversions increases rapidly. Want to see proof?

    • 96% of customers thought that videos made their decision strong of buying a product online much easier.
    • When the product includes video content, some companies have seen the sales jumped up from 6% to 30%.
    • 144% of customers would prefer buying online they would have watched a product video.

    4. Build Trust by Increased Engagement

    A user cannot touch a product when they are shopping online so it is important for you to show them someone else handling, this will change their mind and increase your sales. Show them what product looks from different angles and the size of it in comparison to the demonstrator’s hands. Overall, you are providing them with a better idea of the product they are buying and features compare to a static image.

    5. Less Number of Product Returns

    If the user is getting a better picture of a product then they are less likely to be disappointed with it. Product videos reduce return rates by 25%. It is also true that you have to do your research before filming to make sure lighting, set up, etc does not give any judgement and wrongly interpret your product. If you want the video to look great when you need to make sure that you showcase everything true about the product.

    We suggest: Videoly

    Videoly will help you create a high-quality video content that you can easily promote on social channels, which you can share through emails and on your site’s blog. It automatically embedding videos to your product pages, Videoly gives you richer product information, a enhance customer experience and also boost sales.

    Add a video to your Magento site and see how simple it is to increase your conversions when paired with product descriptions and imagery.

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