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    It is not easy for customers to trust any eCommerce business and start spending money on their products. With several fake eCommerce stores coming up and increased fraudulent cases getting registered, eCommerce businesses need to build trust among their customers if they want to increase their revenue.

    Here in this article, we will see a few ways in which an eCommerce store can make customers trust their products and shop.


    1. Add human touch to your brand

    Studies show that people are emotionally attracted to brands. So don’t limit yourself to just product information.


    • Take the opportunity to tell your story and use creative methods for the same.
    • Let your customers know the people behind your brand.
    • Tell them why you chose these products for the brand.
    • Explain your brand vision and mission.
    • Come up with an amazing about section.


    All these things make you more trustworthy and authentic in front of your customers.


    Example: About Us page of Walmart




    1. Add in clear product descriptions

    If your shoppers understand the item that they are about to buy, then chances are high that they may end up buying it. So…


    • Write short and clear product descriptions that are up to the point.
    • Come up with an honest, catchy, and compelling product description.
    • Don’t exaggerate things when writing the description.
    • Include important things about your product like colour, weight, ingredients, measurements, warranty details, etc.
    • Also mention how the product is going to help the customers.


    Example: Product description from Amazon



    1. Be transparent and honest

    When visiting your online store, customers completely have to depend on the information you show there. So, you need to be transparent and honest to win them.


    • Show company details like address, contact number, etc. on the site.
    • Show the faces of your team so that customers can know real people are working behind the eCommerce store.
    • Mention your exchange policy, refund policy, and shipping information on the site.


    1. Social proof

    Social proof helps brands to build connections around different social media platforms. It helps-


    • Brands promote their products and services with ease using the best of creativity.
    • Helps easily connect and communicate with prospects and customers.
    • Helps build brand loyalty.


    1. Testimonials/ video testimonials

    Testimonials confirm your products are genuine. It saves customers from unnecessary confusion when it comes to buying products online.


    • You can add text testimonials about your product on your eCommerce store and make them available on all pages.
    • Add video testimonials on the pages as they influence customers more as compared to text testimonials.


    Example: Text testimonial from Vine Apparel



    1. Reviews/ratings

    Customers rely on what other customers have to say about your products and so mentioning reviews and ratings on your eCommerce store is important.


    Example: Reviews and ratings for Apple MacBook at eBay.



    1. Statistics displaying your product adoption

    Try to display the number of customers who bought your product. This will build trust within potential buyers who are at your eCommerce store and checking out the product.


    1. Live chat

    Customers may need detailed information on return policy, shipping, size charts, etc. while browsing. So, add in a live chat option to be always present for your clueless customers.


    Example: Live chat feature at the product page of Best Buy



    1. Collect and implement feedback

    It is critical to know what people think about your brand and your business. Use this opportunity to collect feedback about your eCommerce store.


    • Implement new changes or functionalities in your online store based on the collected feedback
    • You can introduce newer products or remove the ones that are least searched by customers after learning from feedback.


    1. Be clear about returns/warranty

    When shopping online the main concern of shoppers is that they don’t want to end up with products that they could not use or that are not up to their expectations. This means you need to offer them a complete satisfaction guarantee when shopping from you.


    • Highlight the return policy of the products
    • Highlight the warranty policy of the product
    • Mention price guarantee on product page
    • Offer membership for added services


    Example: Returns policy and warranty details at the product page of Best Buy



    For an eCommerce store to be successful it is important that it gains the trust and loyalty of customers. To make that happen, the store needs to focus on a lot many big and small things. With years of experience and gained expertise, Mage Monkeys can help you make that happen through its unmatched Magento development services designed for eCommerce businesses.


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