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    NetSuite is one of the most popular ERP solutions in the market that is quite flexible and scalable. NetSuite is right for mid-sized businesses that have plans to grow and expand. Magento NetSuite integration needs to be done with care and by partnering with Mage Monkeys, you can go ahead and integrate NetSuite into your Magento store seamlessly.


    If you wish to go ahead with integrating these two systems, you need to be aware of a few things and the same has been explained below:


    NetSuite-Magento integration points

    There are a few touch-points covered in Magento-NetSuite integration which will be taken care of for you by Mage Monkeys and they are:


    • The synchronization to NetSuite will be done for a new customer account, billing and shipping address, contact information, etc.
    • For the existing customer, it will automatically download customer details to NetSuite in real-time.


    • Maintain the right inventory of products in the eCommerce store through a real-time stock update from NetSuite.
    • Include and update the items in NetSuite with that of the Magento store and sync properly.
    • From Magento download the existing products to NetSuite. The update made of product details over Magento will be reflected in the NetSuite item instantly.
    • We will map Magento websites fully with warehouses of NetSuite. This way you can sync cumulative stock from different locations or inventory from a specific location to Magento.


    • Map Magento shipping methods along with shipping charges to NetSuite Shipping methods.


    • The sales orders placed by web customers and all web sales by guest customers on Magento will be turned into NetSuite sales orders.
    • We will sync web orders to NetSuite with status.
    • Sync in discounts for sales orders on NetSuite and for Magento to have the same value.


    How to integrate Magento and NetSuite?

    Magento and NetSuite integration can be achieved in three ways and Mage Monkeys can help you choose the preferred option to help you reach your goal.

    • Point-to-point integration

    Point-to-point Magento NetSuite integration is one of the ways to integrate eCommerce with ERP. In this case, both technologies are placed face-to-face to synchronize different data like orders, inventory, customers, and items. In this type of integration, there is no operational platform working between the systems. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which system you should choose as ‘Master’ to help with data management. Mage Monkeys can help you turn the Magento platform into the ‘master’ system and thereby manage everything from it by considering it as a central repository. Here data is sent between the systems in the original form. Moreover, you will see certain limitations in the functionality.


    In this case, data is generally synced between the systems in regular batches and that can be done on an hourly basis or once or twice a day. This kind of integration can work for small businesses that have no plans to make a big jump.


    • Custom Magento NetSuite integration

    Custom integration is another way of having NetSuite integration with Magento. Some eCommerce businesses go their own way of having their own custom integration. To help eCommerce stores with such integration, Mage Monkeys will work on APIs that are present on Magento and NetSuite and will tie both systems by writing custom codes.


    There may come situations when choosing custom integrations to become necessary for the business, like adding order fulfilment or SKU administration to your Magento 2 or NetSuite. Then there are situations where a custom solution is the only solution. In both cases, this integration solution works.


    • SaaS-based integration

    SaaS-based integration is considered to be the most cost-effective way to integrate NetSuite with Magento 2 stores. In this option, the platform makes use of pre-built NetSuite and Magento connectors designed for them.


    When compared to point-to-point integration, SaaS-based integration connectors are highly customizable and configurable so that they can easily satisfy your business needs. Here the businesses have the freedom to set the limits for their data and decide how it moves and behaves between the two systems. It offers them more visibility and control over the data. With Mage Monkeys, you can easily opt for SaaS-based integration for your eCommerce business and have the right connectors used for integration.


    Benefits of Oracle NetSuite Magento integration

    • Avoids out of the stock situation
    • Helps replenish inventory quickly
    • Fastens order process
    • Improves customer satisfaction
    • Automatically record financial entry
    • Track guest buyers and convert them to loyal customers


    Things to consider before carrying out Magento NetSuite integration

    As said above, Magento NetSuite integration needs to be done properly and the Mage Monkeys team will work closely with you to help you achieve it as per your business needs. There are a few things you need to consider or be aware of before going with the integration process and the same has been explained below:

    • Identify the data you want to integrate

    Oracle NetSuite Magento integration is all about streamlining the data that come from different sources. For increased efficiency, it is important to identify the data you want to integrate. Focusing on better automation, the data related to inventory, product information, and orders will be migrated to NetSuite software. Moreover, for better understanding and personalization, you can also integrate the data related to customer journey into NetSuite.

    • Triggering and processing time

    For an eCommerce business, time for processing and triggering happening between operations is critical. With Magento NetSuite integration you get to spend more time on the process as you get to streamline data.

    • Avoid redundancy in data entry

    In the case of an eCommerce business, tracking shipment is critical. Magento 2 NetSuite integration makes Magento website update quick and tracking easy. This means you can track customers in real-time by including their email lists. This process completely avoids the issues rising from human intervention and other data entry issues.

    • Middleware solutions and multi-channel data integration

    Geographies and channels don’t limit eCommerce business. You will have to manage your business sales from different channels once it keeps growing every year. NetSuite integration with Magento makes it easy to handle multiple APIs. Again, you get to streamline data workflows using middleware solutions and add in an extra layer of security. This will help you segregate frontend Magento operations with backend ERP operations.

    • Taxation streamlining

    You need to streamline and adjust taxation operations as your business operates from different locations at a time. You need to ensure that your NetSuite Magento integration is capable enough to support legal terms involved in taxation and easily switch between different currencies.

    • Security

    Irrespective of the size of the business, data security remains a daunting task for many. To keep your system safe from cyber-attacks it is important to keep it updated with the latest security protocols. You will be able to keep your system updated to the latest security standards by going for Celigo NetSuite Magento integration.

    • Adaptability

    One of the important things to consider during your Magento and NetSuite ERP integration is adaptability. As customizing the solution every time is not an easy job, it is important to make it feature-rich and future-ready for the market. This saves time, money, and resources for the business.



    If you are planning to enhance the features of your Magento store by aggregating the features of NetSuite ERP then integrating both systems can do the job for you. The expertise of the Mage Monkeys team in handling Magento NetSuite integration can help your business enjoy the benefits of both systems in a way that turns your business more productive, makes it easy to manage, and helps in delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

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