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    Have you ever felt that you are not able to track and manage all the processes in your Magento store? If your answer is yes, then it means that you need to integrate certain tools into your store to help it boost efficiency. You will be able to increase the sales at your store, offer better customer service and take care of business operations smoothly by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365.


     To keep it short, when you integrate Magento with Dynamics, you will be able to improve finance & operations with the flexibility and features of Magento, driving operational efficiency, and unparalleled customer experience.


    Preparing for Magento Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

    For a growing business, integrating ERP/CRM and an eCommerce store is considered critical today. If you achieve it properly, it can be good for your business. So, once you have decided to proceed with the integration, you will need to come up with a plan that can work in your favour. Now, this can begin with choosing experts at Mage Monkeys for the integration task. Integrating Dynamics 365 and Magento store involves a few steps and having an understanding of the same is important.


    Step 1:  Assess your data

    For an eCommerce store, you need to consider syncing various types of data. In the case of integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Magento 2, you need to consider four types of data in specific. They are data related to inventory, order tracking, pricing, and product descriptions. You will have to determine many things for each piece of data and this includes deciding the frequency of updates, the place to store it, and how to manage it. This is where Mage Monkeys comes in. The experts at Mage Monkeys will work alongside you to help you with assessing the critical data and managing it for your business needs.

    Step 2: Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to document your workflow

    The place where your data will go and when will be clarified by your workflows. The workflows followed by merchants are different. Compared to a retailer, the workflows followed by dropshippers and B2B companies are complex. So, Mage Monkeys will set up a workflow that aligns with your kind of business and will lead it to success. We will achieve this for your Magento store by integrating it with Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

    Step 3: Get involvement of the right stakeholders

    When you work with the right stakeholders for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with the Magento store, you will be able to ensure that it supports the right business processes. Apart from that, such integration will ensure a better experience for everyone. The stakeholders involved here also include your target market. Now this includes the people related to sales, marketing, finance, and your potential suppliers and customers. During the integration process, the Mage Monkeys team will keep your stakeholders in the loop to ensure they have a better experience at your store. 

     Step 4: Make use of the right adapters

    It is possible to quickly integrate Dynamics 365 with Magento store using pre-built adapters. Using such adapters will save you from spending money on building one from scratch. There are some adapters available in the market that are certified by Microsoft and good to work for Magento. This helps such adapters with tasks related to inventory, order tracking, pricing, and product description and specs. Here at Mage Monkeys, we will tweak the adapters for you in a way that fits well with your business needs and workflows. Again, our team will work to ensure that the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your Magento 2 store is done well.


    Tips for successful Magento Dynamics integration

    Understanding the things to do for the integration is important but then to ensure it is successful, you need to follow certain tips too. They have been listed below:

    • Choose experienced partner

    You want the integration to meet your business needs and to make that happen you need to have the support of experts. You need to choose a partner like Mage Monkeys that have experience and expertise in working on high-level Magento Dynamics 365 integration projects. The best way to start is to meet our team and tell them your technical requirements and the kind of business goals you wish to achieve through this integration. The team will start by exploring the challenges, risks, costs, and deadlines and will communicate the same with them for more clarity.

    • Make use of middleware     

    For processes that are outside Dynamics 365 or Magento, using multichannel selling is now common in this new world. You can streamline data workflows using middleware and make it easier to interconnect Magento and Dynamics 365 for information passage. Such a middleware separates the ERP system from the frontend functions of your eCommerce store and thus adds in an extra layer of security.

    • Test your integration

    It is important to plan to test once your requirements have been specified. Testing your integration will help you ensure the expected results are achieved. It is important for you to know that your data reaches the right destination at the right time and the accuracy and reliability of your processes are maintained. The experts at Mage Monkeys will also involve your team during the process. During the testing process, our team will also look for the speed of updates as well as any synchronization errors related to the display of data. 

    • Training and support

    Magento Dynamics integration is quite business-critical and so it is important for everyone part of it to know how the processes work and how to handle issues if they arise. Our Mage Monkeys team will provide you training for the same and will offer continuous support if required. 



    Magento Dynamics 365 integration can help the business with increased efficiency, properly presenting critical information on the website and reducing the chances of human errors. Mage Monkeys team ensures to complete the integration task for you with the utmost attention. We will work alongside your team to understand your business processes well and take care of errors during and post-integration before it can cause some serious issues. 

    If you are planning to upgrade your Magento store by adding ERP features through Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, then talk to our team today. Right from planning the whole process to final execution, our team of professionals will take care of everything.

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